Prime Tracking Real-Time Location Tracker Review

Adam Moreno
Have you ever had to worry where your kid, senior relative, or car is? Well, I have. There is a day my kid didn't get home on time from school, […]
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Beauty & Health

BetterBack - Posture Corrector & Back Pain Reliever Review

Working as a paramedic means I work for long hours, continually lifting patients of the ground. With time, this had me straining my back, and at one point, forcing me […]
Adam Moreno

Kailo Patch Review – The Nanotech Solution For Pain

I suffered from severe back pain for many years, and it became difficult to walk where I needed to go because I don’t drive. Pain pills provided some relief, but […]


DoFasting - Personal Intermittent Fasting Review

Hollywood's hottest fitness trend right now is intermittent fasting. In order to track their fasting, eating, and exercise goals, many celebrities use the DoFasting app. I became interested in the […]
Adam Moreno

ChargeHubGO+ Review 2020 - This Is Best Wireless Charger On The GO?

ChargeHubGO+ combines a lot of features neatly into one sleek and easy to carry package. It is a portable wireless charger that does almost everything without any compromises. If you […]
Adam Moreno