AirBolt Review 2020 - Exploring The Advantages Of This GPS Smart Lock

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July 11, 2019

Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but it would be neither of the two if you have to worry about all those precious luggage you need to travel with. Even if it’s absolutely compulsory to have that bag filled with all your valuables as you travel, there is still the challenge of securing them from thieves or even making sure they don’t get lost in transit.

Also going to places like the pool, gym, spa and massage parlors won’t allow you to have that favorite gold ring of yours on your finger while having a nice time. So much worry right, well you can trade that for a lighthearted trip or day with a mind, free to wander and take in the beauty of the moment. The smart solution to all your problem is AirBolt smart lock, and we want you to read on as we explore the advantages of getting one for yourself.

Customary locks that exist before the production of AirBolt majorly used number lock combination. And some of the others would come with keys that needed to be tucked safely away, only to be brought out every time the bag needs to be opened. However this produces some level of inconvenience, and in cases where the code is forgotten or the key misplaced, a professional cutter would be needed to get into the bag.

AirBolt smart lock is a product of Melbourne Australia and was developed to replace the traditional locks. As explained on their page, it is an upgrade to the inferiority that most of the initial locks display and helps to keep the security level high on whatever bag or luggage carrier it is used for. When it comes to AirBolt smart lock, it does more than just locking and unlocking, it’s a whole new experience that takes innovation to another level.

Practically, this product was manufactured to cover virtually everything that has to do with locks. From its functionality, it’s pricing, as well as comparing it with other available products in the market. With this article, you'll be able to make the right decision of whether or not to purchase the AirBolt Smart Lock.

Basics of the AirBolt Smart Lock (what is AirBolt Smart Lock)

AirBolt smart lock runs on a really simple system that eliminates the need for carrying around a key or memorizing combinations. It is quite different from the competition with its lack of ambiguity when it comes to unlocking your baggage. All you need to use AirBolt is your smartphone.

The lock also comes with extra features like allowing you to track your luggage and keeping record of when it was unlocked.

As long as you have a working smartphone with Bluetooth, you can get the lock opened. You might be wondering how this works, and if your luggage won’t open mistakenly, well, the manufacturers also thought of it and put measures in place to avoid this.

The lock not only has a small footprint, but it's also chock full of smart features that will thrill you while keeping your stuff secure.

How does AirBolt smart lock work?

As mentioned in the above section, AirBolt smart lock works with your smartphone’s Bluetooth. All you need to do is download the app and pair your phone with the smart lock.

You would need to apply some simple settings before completely pairing your phone and the device. But not to worry, there is a step by step tutorial that accompanies the app.

You can add details like the name of your device, add a picture and set back up unlock codes for extra security. There is also a feature that enables you to set up the proximity to your phone that would unlock it.

This is useful if you do not want to get your phone out of your pocket to unlock the device. Additionally, there is an in built-in alarm system that alerts everyone around when the bag moves a certain distance away from you. So, you don’t need to worry about someone simply moving your bag away while you are enjoying the view or getting something.

Furthermore, there is a log system that takes details of the time when the lock was opened. This would give accurate information about the location of the bag and when it was last opened. So, in case there is any case of stolen bag, you can look through the log on your phone and have an idea of where to look.

All these great features ensure that you can breathe easy in a crowded terminal and if that still isn’t enough to get you interested. The lock comes with a GPS to allow you to track your bag no matter where it is. This feature was included due to about 24.1 million cases of the mishandled bag in 2014. It also gives you a greater chance of finding your bag even if the lock has been removed. You might still have some questions like:

Q: What if the phone is stolen or misplaced?

A: Well, you can borrow someone else’s phone, log in to the app with your details and gain access to the smart lock.

Q: What if both the phone and the lock are stolen?

A: You can use the companion app to set up a security PIN code to ensure that the lock is further secure.

All these questions basically show that the manufacturers have thought of every possible scenario that you would face when using the device. AirBolt smart lock has you covered on all fronts, and as long as the security of your luggage is concerned, you can rest easy. Whether you are out having fun or on vacation, there is no need to worry needlessly.

Is Airbolt TSA Compliant?

The Airbolt Smart lock fully respects all the regulations and standards set by the TSA. This means you can travel with it without experiencing any complications whatsoever. TSA standards are usually applied at airports where a representative can use a master key to unlock your luggage no matter the combination used.

This is usually done for security purposes, and no damage is done to the locks or content. In the case that your lock doesn't meet up with the specification of the TSA, it wouldn’t open with the master key and may need to be clipped.

With AirBolt, however, the luggage can be opened by the airport representative, and the detailed log allows you to see the exact times this was done. Already, 5000 units of the product have been approved, and this number would grow as the market continues to accept the product.

For places where TSA regulations are not followed, you can revoke the license to open your luggage as long as you want.

Characteristics of AirBolt

The security features of AirBolt smart lock is far better than your everyday lock, and they include:

Lasting And Rechargeable Battery

With AirBolt, you don’t need to worry about charging the device frequently. One full charge can last up to a year since the device needs minimal power for full functionality. And when you need to charge, you can use the standard micro USB cable to top it up.

Fit for Travel

AirBolt has been made to meet all the standards set by the TSA, and this means that you can travel anywhere without facing any trouble with the station's security. And with the detailed log system, you would also be able to see the lock/unlock the lock, whether it’s TSA or not.

Multiple Access

If you need to have something valuable sent to someone, you no longer need to send it along with a code or key when you use AirBolt. You only need to change the setting on your phone and allow the person to have access to the lock. So that wherever they are, they would be able to unlock the device with no hassle.

Detailed Log

Another feature you would find important on AirBolt is its ability to record all the times that the lock was opened. So in case, your luggage goes missing, you can track wherever it’s open and make finding it much easier
What more can you ask for, in a security lock? All these features make it easy, convenient, and secure to use AirBolt smart lock?

AirBolt Warranty and its Returns Policy

The AirBolt return policy is bit strict, so you might not be too pleased with it. They allow a maximum of 30 days for returns in case the device is faulty. However, you would have to return it without opening or using it, and it has to be exactly in the same condition as it was received. Not so cool, right?

To return a defective unit, and get a new one, you’ll have to send an email to and strictly follow the process stipulated there. You might be asked not to return the device but instead record a video of the device malfunctioning and send it. If your compliant gets approved, a new device would be sent to you and you would have to pay for the shipping.

What Are The Pros & Cons of AirBolt?


  • Stainless steel cable (braided and covered)
  • Outstanding security features
  • Approved and Accepted by TSA
  • Excellent companion app
  • LED indicators
  • Proximity sensing alarm system


  • Signal interference occurs occasionally, and it slows down the app a bit.


In 2015, AirBolt began a crowdfunding campaign to make about $50,000, and they ended up making about four times their targeted goal. This was to make sure that they improved on the quality of the device, and they delivered on this promised. There is so much to recommend when it comes to AirBolt smart lock. The level of innovation displayed in this device shows that an intense amount of research and development was invested in producing it. The company is also working on upgrades, with customer satisfaction as it’s the ultimate goal.

AirBolt is sturdy, secure and comes with amazing features like the GPS tracker, Proximity detector, Manual unlocking system, and over the top battery life. The price is also quite affordable, so you don't have to break the bank just to get one and to get it here offers you a lot of additional benefits. You might not be able to get this chance twice, and with so many prospects, it is quite easy to say getting the AirBolt smart lock would give your great value for your money.

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