FitTrack Atria Fitness Smartwatch Review 2020

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May 21, 2020
Adam Moreno

Being active and keeping track of your workouts is not easy. The right fitness watch to do this often takes too much money and doesn't give you the products or information you need to improve. The right type of watch will help you know how to improve and will not break your budget to get.

What should you consider before buying a Smartwatch?

Before you buy your next smartwatch, you need to know what you need and what to look for. There are different types of watches you can buy, but they come with different features and different ways to customize them. Do your homework before you make your final selection.

Number of Activities it Tracks

If you are interested in improving your level of fitness, you need a watch that will track exercises and keep you informed of your statistics.


You want and need your new watch to fit comfortably. If the watch is not comfortable, you will not want to wear it. An ergonomic watch will fit around your wrist and provide you with the stability to accurately read and use your watch.

Health Monitoring features

Being able to track your heart rate and other health-related features can help you if you are new to working out or have health conditions. They can help you stay aware of your limitations and keep you from hurting yourself.


A waterproof watch is not a necessity, but it is good to have. You can accidentally forget to take the watch off in the shower or get caught in the rainstorm. A high-quality watch will keep functioning without taking damage if water gets on it.

Battery Life

No matter what type of watch you choose to get, it must have long battery life. You cannot stop your life to recharge a watch.


Many cheap watches on the market will promise to give you everything, but the quality and longevity of the watch are short. You need to find a cost-effective watch that will grant you the years and give you the quality operation you require for improvement.

What is the Atria Fitness Smartwatch?

The Atria Fitness Smartwatch is more than a regular smartwatch.

The Atria lets you track your progress for multiple daily activities and keeps you connected through phone alerts and messaging. The watch is perfect for keeping track of your day as well as keeping you moving.

The Atria Fitness watch comes with sport modes, a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and activity tracking capabilities. It is up to you to decide what you want and need throughout your day.

You can monitor your progress using the tracking app, which lets you customize your dashboard to show you everything you need to improve.

Atria Pros

  • The watch has seven different sport modes.
  • The accompanying app can help you track your fitness through charts, graphs, and statistics.
  • You can wear your watch for seven days before recharging.

Atria Cons

  • You can only buy the Atria Fitness Watch online.
  • You have to spend money to purchase the quality and detail of the watch.
  • The watchband could be more customizable.

What are the main features of the Atria Fitness Smartwatch?

Before you buy any activity-tracking smartwatch, you need to know what you want from it and make sure the watch you purchase will give you everything. The right smartwatch does more than fit your wrist; it fits your lifestyle.

#1 Seven Sport Modes

When you exercise, you want to know you are getting the most out of your workout for whatever activity you are participating in. The Atria Smartwatch has seven different fitness modes you can activate to start tracking your progress in a particular mode. The modes reflect in your other stats, so you can compare your activities and see how you are working and how you need to improve.

#2 Phone and Message Notifications

Life is busy, and you do not want to miss that important call from work or ignore your boyfriend's text message. The Atria comes with the ability to sync your phone to the smartwatch, so you won't miss your phone calls or important text messages when your phone is not handy. It ensures you stay connected and are up-to-date.

#3 Music selection

Staying active means keeping the music always playing; with Atria, you can not only listen to music, but you can also change songs, playlists, and albums using only your watch. Being able to adjust your playlist while you workout gives you plenty of motivational music to keep your game up and keep you moving.

#4 Ergonomic Design

The design of the smartwatch is ergonomic. Having an ergonomic watch means it will stay firmly on your wrist and not bounce around. It will also be more comfortable to wear for extended periods without detracting or distracting you from your workout.

#5 Bluetooth

The smartwatch uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your phone and provide you with the latest capabilities for activity tracking and enhanced connectivity. The Bluetooth ensures you will not miss a second of your life as you workout or travel.

#6 Photo capturing

You are having an amazing workout, and of course, you want to share that on your social media accounts. You can capture photos using only the Atria Smartwatch, so you can show the world how well your workout is going and how much you accomplished in your experience. They also can see how far you have come on your fitness journey.

#7 Different faces

Sometimes you just need a change. The Atria smartwatch comes with six different watch faces to customize the watch to your personality. It also gives you the option of changing the watch face to fit how you have customized it or how you need it to function.

#8 Long Battery Life

The watch can give you up to seven days of use before you need to recharge. The long battery life ensures you don't have to stop moving to keep your watch going. It also makes it so you can choose when you charge the fitness watch and not when you have to charge it.

#9 App Tracking

The Atria Fitness Smartwatch comes with an app to help you track your progress, so you can see all the facts laid out in front of you. The Atria Dashboard shows you everything about yourself and your workout, so you always have the facts to improve. The dashboard does not just show you your daily progress, but you can break it down by month and year for a complete fitness picture.

#10 Heart Rate Monitor

If you are new to exercising or trying to improve on a particular type of exercise, tracking, your heart rate is extremely important. If you have health conditions, it is also important. You can start finding out what your resting heart rate is, and as you work your way through the exercises and find your target heart rate.You can know when you are in dangerous areas if your heart rate is too high or if you are having physical discomfort. Being able to track your heart rate will not only keep you healthy, but it will keep you aware of how your body is functioning.

#11 Sleep Monitor

Sleeping problems are very common in the modern world. If you have trouble going to or staying asleep, you are not the only one. You can wear the Atria Smart Watch to bed, so you can review the data in the morning of how well you slept and when or if you had problems. Fixing sleeping problems starts with understanding how you sleep.The Atria fitness watch can give you data on when you are having problems, so you can start to research how you can fix them. There are different ways to fix different sleeping problems, but without all the facts, it makes it difficult to get the problem resolved.

#12 Customizable

Getting in shape means knowing what you need to see and how you need to see. Stay in shape is different because your goals change. The Atria Fitness watch lets you adjust your watch and the accompanying app to suit your changing needs. You will not always need to watch your weight or track your calories, so being able to customize the watch will keep you on top of your game and keep you moving.

#13 Compatibility

You do not need to worry about purchasing a Fitness watch that is not compatible with your phone. The Atria Fitness Watch has compatibility with the later models of the Android and Apple devices, so you will be able to use it with your phone, no matter which version you have.

What do buyers of the Atria Fitness Smartwatch think?

Buyers of the Atria Smartwatch love you customizable the watch is. They love being able to personalize the watch for their fitness needs, such as tracking BMI stats or weight changes. They also love how the watch keeps them informed and connected to their friends, family, and coworkers through phone and text messages.


What Smartwatch alternatives are available?

#1 Maypott Fitness Tracker

The Maypott Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch that you can use to track your fitness progress all day long. Made to be tough and flexible, the watch provides you with GPS tracking, exercise monitoring, and high-quality manufacturing. The watch is IP67 waterproof and has a flexible strap as well as sweat and rainproof.

The design of the watch includes anti-scratch tempered glass and the ability to track almost any type of exercise you need. You even have extra features that let you take pictures, alert you to abnormal heart rates, and find your device. The additional features accompany the built-in clock and seven different exercise modes.

The screen is large and is a touchscreen for usability. It also offers brightness features, so you can see the watch better in sunlight and supports eleven different languages. The watch is easy to sync with your phone for all-day connectivity and tracking.

  • The Maypott smartwatch is more cost-effective than Atria.
  • You can track the same number of sport modes with both watches.
  • Both watches have an accompanying app.
  • The Maypott smartwatch works with older models of Android and Apple; Atria does not.
  • Atria is a higher-quality watch.

#2 Activ8 Fitness Tracker

The Activ8 Fitness Tracker that gives you functionality and progress tracking. The Activ8 Fitness tracker comes with many built-in functions that help you track your activities, the steps you take, calories burned, and sleep. You can also track your heart rate, take pictures, and get reminders to move around. It is a watch to keep you moving and improve your workout.

The Activ8 Fitness Tracker is comfortable to wear and can help you improve your fitness goals by using the features and the accompanying VeryFitPro app. The VeryFitPro app can help you monitor your progress and customize your workouts to fit your lifestyle. With very long battery life, the Activ8 Fitness watch will not stop you from moving forward.

  • The Activ8 Fitness watch is not ergonomic; the Atria Smartwatch is.
  • Both smartwatch track your activities.
  • Both watches have apps to help you track your activities.
  • The battery life of the Active8 Fitness watch lasts longer than the seven days for the Atria Watch.

The Activ8 Fitness watch is a watch for the avid daily workout individual. You can get many sought after features, but it might not work for everything you need it to.

#3 Healthwatch Smartwatch

The Healthwatch Smartwatch comes with a host of features designed to keep you healthy and active. The watch can provide you with data about your workouts, calories consumed, and analysis of your motion. You can wear the watch for heart rate tracking and to take pictures.

The Healthwatch Smartwatch comes with ways for you to stay socially connected through phone call notifications, email notifications, and text message notifications. The watch keeps you updated on your health as well as your social life. It can help you stay connected while getting you moving through multiple activities and modes.

  • The Healthwatch tracks health; Atria Fitness tracks your fitness.
  • You can monitor more physical activity with Atria than the Healthwatch.
  • Both watches let you stay socially connected.

The Helathwatch is the watch to purchase if you have multiple health problems you need to track. It can give you in-depth information about your health and let you know how you need to improve it.

The right watch for your needs is the one that fits your lifestyle. Not everyone needs all the functionality of certain types of watches. If you need anything specific, do some research, and you will find it.

Final Thoughts

The right fitness watch can change your workout goals and give you plenty of information on how to improve. The right watch is durable, long-lasting and will give you plenty of exercises to track with real-world results. The Atria Fitness Smartwatch can give you the data for improvement in a long-lasting package.

The Atria Smartwatch lets you track multiple activities and provides you with charts and data on how you can improve. For more information about the Atria Fitness Smartwatch, Please follow the link.

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