Bondic Review - Can This LED UV Liquid Plastic Welder FIX Anything?

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January 5, 2020
Adam Moreno

Let’s Start with the Details that You Need Right Now

This Bondic review is going to help you to realize a few benefits that really made a difference for me. Naturally, having kids led me to buying glue for a number of reasons.

I think that we all can recall how often we buy adhesives—just to watch them fail. I learned about a UV substitute, instead, and decided to look more into it. What I didn’t expect was the simplicity I found.

The kid’s broken toys came back together without my hands also being glued. I think that this option can also work for you.

Some Things to Consider Before You Go Out and Buy

From breaks in your children's toys to fallen pieces from things around the house, you have the promise of putting them all back together. Consider this product if you want to take advantage of the innovation that our modern world offers.

We each have learned about glue through our experiences as children or as adult craftspersons. The basic ingenuity behind our adhesives also presents a few challenges to overcome.

With a closer look at the details, the experience we have with common glue can help us to realize just how disadvantaged we really are. What the product that you’re reviewing does is revolutionizing how adhesives work.

You want to consider this item if you want to be equipped for the common breaks of mechanics, woods or other plastics. You don’t need a special tool shed or years of experience.

The bond that this product makes is more effective than the “crazy adhesives” that you’re now using. It’s lightweight, leakproof and simple to apply. You can read the In-Depth Bondic Review for July 20th on

Once you’re done using it, you only need a drawer or shelf for storage.Nothing in your house will be overburden by the storage of this interesting container. Since it acts just like a sleek pen, consider leaving it in your pencil holder. Make it handy for all occasions.

If these specs excite you as much as they did me, start considering these points:

Children: Yes, this product is ideal for repairing and even improving the toys that your children play with.

You can order a single pen or as many as you need. Ask yourself about how often that you’re likely to take this adhesive out.

Routine Use: A bike store, a home workshop or a construction site would use this product more than others.

Be sure to also consider the safety of your family. If you buy this item, find a safe place for it; don’t let your kids use it as a toy.

What Bondic is and Why it Works

According to the product’s manufacturer, this is not a glue What you’ll discover is a plastic compound. The manufacturer has discovered a way to maintain this plastic as a liquid when it’s stored away. The product can’t be considered a glue in full because it can also be used to mold new shapes or forms. Buyers can even use it in 3D modeling. Your core promise is a moldable plastic that you can fabricate with.

At the closed end of its pen-like container, there’s a special UV light. You need this frequency of light to get the fluid to dry and mold into a durable solid. The liquid mix evaporates as you do this.

All that is then left is the solid plastic that you can mold or shape at your own discretion. This product is for anyone in need of repairing home items and for craftspersons. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Adaptable to all shapes and needs
  • safe to handle
  • store for later use


  • can be mistaken for a pen
  • should not be handled by children
  • the container could be much larger

The Core Benefits and Features of Bondic

There’s a lot in store if you still believe that this product is for you. The benefits and features covered by this Bondic review can help you to make the most of this solution once it’s in your hands. Here are nine product benefits with features that give you a wide spectrum of solutions to start with—right this moment:

*Resistive Against Chemical Synthetics

From acids to lye, the chemical compound of this product is resistant to erosion. This ability ensures that you can use your new-age plastic in hazardous or factory settings.

Mending pieces out of machines or pipes is also a good idea. You just need to ensure that you’re working with a chemically resistant compound. What you’ll find in this tube will stand up against corrosives, heat and freezing temperatures.

*Applies Without You Becoming Part of the Adhesive

The genius design of the package you get keeps you from becoming a drying surface. That innovation is in the pen’s design, which fluid sits within.

You’ll want to uncap the pen and squeeze lightly to release the amount of adhesive you need. Your hands never have to directly touch the compound inside. Once you’re done, put the cap back on. Flip the pen over and turn on the UV light. Heat the mix until it’s dry.

*Resistive Against Natural Elements and UV Rays

Natural elements like rain, sunlight and everyday use are non-factors for the durability of this product. The ultra-violet rays of the sun have a strong influence on the look and function of many man-made products.

Expect the parts and pieces replaced by this binder to stand up to the test of time. This time factor is also a consideration for the 3D molds that you shape into your own forms.

*Adaptable to Sanding and Milling

For craftspersons and curious homeowners, you can use this compound to model original or prefabricated concepts. Just think about what happens when you get a dent in the panel of your car.

If you pop it out, it might be as flush as it was when it left the factory. If you have a substance like this product, instead, once it dries, you can then sand it down to the specific dimensions you need. It won’t crack or fall apart when you do so.

*Can be Used as a Filler and Sealant

Now think of any cracks and spaces around the house that you can fill in. Keeping somethings waterproof requires a proper sealant. What you’ll discover in this pen is a suitable filler to get all the gaps and crannies that you need closed sealed.

The drying process works the same but the reason behind it is different. Instead of using the dry compound as an adhesive, you can use it to ward off outside elements like wind and water.

*Provides Indefinite Strength

The more cycles of Bondic that you apply, the stronger the bond gets. This is a phenomenon that works because the plastics used are cohesive. When molecules like this find similar molecules, they come together to create a stronger bond than what existed before.

All you have to do is add more fluid and then let it dry. If this doesn’t result in the level of strength that you need, then add more fluid until it dries into a stronger mixture.

*Keeps You From Replacing Everything that Breaks

The manufacturer of this product developed its solution in order for you to save money over time.Think of the things that you’ve been forced to throw away. Repairing some of these items might seem impossible when all you have is common or crazy glues.

The ability to shape and form plastic gives you more innovation within what you can solve. The bond that is then achieved makes your items like new.

*Applies in Four Easy Steps

You don’t need prior experience to make this liquid solution work. Since its technology is not glue, your application method is also simpler. The patent behind this compound reduces your chances of getting sticky muck all over your house or hands.

Four simple steps will give you the solutions you need and with a repeatable process that anyone can learn. Here are the steps that you want to take as you fix and mend your belongings:

  1. Clean - Cleaning is an optional stage. When you want to fabricate prior or new designs, it’s in your best interest to scratch the surface that this solution will be applied to. Clean and smooth the surface of your items when you only need to mend them.
  2. Fill - This compound has to completely fill the area you need. For this reason, the pen-like package has a taper tip for the liquid solution to be squeezed from. Be sure to accurately aim the tip of the pen in the space that you need filled.
  3. Cure - Curing is the drying process. Within four seconds, you can turn the liquid compound into a dry plastic. You need the right application of UV light aimed directly at the filler. The heat from the built-in light you receive is enough to do the job.
  4. Shapes - Now that your compound is dry, you can file it or sand it down into the shape you need. Simply follow the lines of the other pieces used in your assembly. This plastic is designed to adjust to the dimensions you need.

*Remains a Liquid Until You Use It

An additional benefit to take note of is the initial liquid state that you receive. In order to give you the greatest flexibility, you need this plastic to remain a liquid until you actually use it.

There are two features that achieve this. The first is your sealed container. It’s lightweight and highly portable. The second feature that keeps this compound a liquid is the absence of heat. This solution only solidifies when you apply UV light.

A Better Look at the Social Proof and Other Bondic Reviews

People are talking about this product, and you should know what they’re saying. Here are a few Bondic reviews that we discovered from around the world:

“It remains in liquid form until it’s exposed to intense ultraviolet light for just four seconds. It is very efficient and is the best alternative to super glue, which is sticky and messy ...” REVIEW BY ZOOPY

Your Market Alternatives

- RapidFix - UV Automotive Refill Pack -

This product uses the same type of liquid solution, but it does not come in a simple pen container. Your source of UV light must also be bought separately from this filler pack.

RapidFix can be found at a higher premium price than our Bondic review. Two bottles come in a single purchase, and this product is for you if you need refills for your UV adhesive formulas.

Similar Features and Functions

  • Lightweight Packaging
  • Requires UV Light for Drying
  • Can be Used for the Same Applications
  • Uses a Plastic Formula for Durability

Try this product and see how it stands up to our current product review.

- Adhesive Liquid Plastic -

The UV Light Glue is considered an entire kit that enables you to apply, form and dry your bonds. This product is slightly different, for it takes longer to dry.

Instead of four seconds, this option requires up to 10 seconds upon contact of UV light. The kit also comes with alcohol pads to prep your working area.

Similar Features and Functions

  • This Package Comes in a Pen Form
  • A UV Light is Also Built In
  • The Product is Lightweight
  • It Can be Refilled

Consider this option to test the difference between how each pen fits in your hands.

- Light Curing Bonds -

ZAP IT is building a strong market reputation, for it offers all that you need for UV adhesives. The difference that you’ll discover is that instead of a pen, you get a squeeze tube.

This can lead to some challenges when you’re trying to control how much solution you use. The UV light is packaged together but as a separate, small flashlight.

Similar Features and Functions

  • Both Compounds use Liquid Plastic Adhesives
  • These Plastics Only Dry with UV Light
  • Ideal for Cracks, Breaks and as a Filler
  • The Package is Portable and Lightweight

Choose this item if you’re looking for the cheapest market choice.

Wrapping Up the Details and Bringing This Product Home

Things break, but taking into consideration what Bondic can do makes those breaks a non-issue. If you need an item like this when you’re on the go, then you’re still in good hands. This compound is a UV plastic adhesive that remains a liquid until you need it to dry and bind whatever you’re working on.

From electronics to woodwork, you’ll find a suitable way of rebinding what you need and when.

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