DoFasting - Personal Intermittent Fasting Review

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April 22, 2020

Hollywood's hottest fitness trend right now is intermittent fasting. In order to track their fasting, eating, and exercise goals, many celebrities use the DoFasting app.

I became interested in the subject after watching an episode of "Ellen" and hearing her talk about how she does the intermittent fasting and it works great for her.

Since I have battled my own weight and eating issues for years now, I decided to research this health and fitness method and the DoFasting app related to it. Here's what I found out.

The Program, the App, and Why It May or May Not Be Right for You

Intermittent fasting is an approach to weight loss and controlling how much you eat and when. It really is not new, considering that colonial soldiers used to eat two meals a day and then nothing at all from two or three in the afternoon until breakfast the next day. However, it is new from the standpoint that several variations are allowed within the modern version of fasting and eating.

Some people fast just through one meal, like breakfast or supper and then do not eat until the next scheduled meal. Others fast for an entire day, and then eat all day long the next day. If you know you cannot go an entire day without eating, you can try the "no eating for sixteen hours" version and then eat. The DoFasting app helps you track when you eat and when you fast. Do fasting programs also tell you exactly what to eat when you break your fasting period with a meal so that you can keep going during your next fast. As long as you have a smartphone and you want to try the do fasting program, you can try it with the app as a virtual coach of sorts.

You should know, however, that the app does charge a $100 subscription fee. That may seem steep for an app, but that fee covers the entire year from the minute you download the app and begin the program. It is nonrefundable, so if you don't think you will stick with the program, you are out the cash.

Presenting the DoFasting App

At first glance, this looks just like any other weight loss tracker app. It is very different from other weight loss tracker apps in that it gives you specific exercises and physical challenges to complete on fasting and non-fasting days to maximize caloric and fat burn. It also creates menu plans you have to follow closely when you do fasting so that your body does not feel like it is starving and needs to revert to holding onto all calories and fat.

The idea is to get your body to recognize that it will be fed, and that it doesn't need to conserve energy, fat stores or calories during your fasting periods. The Dofasting program attempts to push your body out of its natural inclinations to prevent starvation and malnutrition by a controlled fasting and eating schedule.

It does take willpower to do this, so people with no willpower at all may not find it a program worth attempting. Those with enormous amounts of self-discipline may find it works perfectly for them. Celebrities often have to watch everything they eat because of their careers, which is why this program is commonly used by them for their health and fitness goals.

There are some pros and cons to using this app, of course.


  • It is an easily downloadable app available for use on most smartphones.
  • The program variations are all laid out for you. All you have to do is pick one and follow it.
  • You can scroll through the program requirements to see which variation will work best for you before you commit to one.
  • The subscription price of $100 covers an entire year with nothing extra to buy.


  • The $100 subscription fee is typically non-refundable.
  • You have to constantly check the app to see when you can eat, when you can't eat, what you can eat, and when you are supposed to be doing very specific exercises. In short, you are on your phone much more than maybe you want to be.
  • The program does not allow for special occasions and holiday meals. If the program you choose says you have to fast on Christmas and New Year's, that may be a deal breaker for you.

Features and Benefits

Within the app you have a few screens between which you toggle. One of the screens supplies you with options on how to fast. You can select the fasting option that you think will be easiest to do. Another approach is to go through an assessment that will pre-select a dofasting program for you based on your activity schedule, eating habits and personal goals. Of course, if you opt to have the program pre-select a dofasting option for you, you might not like the option it selects.

Another screen within the app provides you with series of exercises and on which days of the week to perform them. They are usually focused on one aspect of the body and one particular intent for the exercises. One day might ask you to take a brisk long walk, and another day might ask you to just work your upper body with weights for a few minutes. When performed in conjunction with your dofasting program, you should see effective weight loss.

Yet another screen tells you exactly what to eat and how much to eat. It helps you control your portions and understand how certain foods eaten at certain times after fasting periods can actually help carry you through the next fasting period. With built-in accountability and nutrition highlighting this screen, you can feel confident that you are getting enough nutrients in your diet and that you aren't technically "starving."

Finally, the app has a lot to say on health, nutrition, hydration, and staying active when you might want to otherwise avoid doing so. There is a screen in the app with plenty of useful tips and articles that you can read to help you get a better grasp of the dofasting program and how it ultimately benefits you.

You Want Proof?

Not surprisingly, you may be skeptical. I was at first too. I did what any smart person would do; I scoured the internet looking for proof of happy clients and happy users of the app for dofasting. Here is what I found:


In Conclusion

So, if you want to lose a little weight, retrain your body and your brain to rethink about fasting, fat stores, and food differently, and get into a program that has successfully been used by both celebrities and regular people the DoFasting app might just be what you are looking for. Everyone who has tried it and stuck with it has enjoyed varying levels of success. It helps to stick with it for at least three weeks, since that is typically how long it takes to make something a habit.

Personally, I think it has been a great app for me to use for three reasons. One, I have my smartphone with me all the time anyway, and I'm always on it. I can check the app for a few seconds while standing in line at the grocery store, while shopping, or while I have time to kill. Two, I don't have to do any meal planning or schedule exercise in a way that doesn't fit with my busy life.

The app already tells me what I have to do and when I should do it if I expect results. When you can't afford a personal trainer at twenty-plus dollars an hour and a gym membership at fifty to a hundred-plus dollars a month, this is the next best option. Three, I find that I really appreciate eating and I enjoy my food and its flavors more after a fast. Everything seems to taste so much better and oh, so good after a fasting period. Hopefully you will have a similar experience when you start your own dofasting program. To find out more and check out the app now, click here to get to everything you need.

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