Drone X Pro Brilliant Foldable Lightweight Drone - Full Review

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May 3, 2020
Adam Moreno

After becoming a photographer, it took me a long time to find an equipment that I could rely on to capture quality aerial images and videos. When scouring the market, I had the opportunity to assess and test a couple of drones in a bid to find the one that could help me accomplish these tasks.

In fact, that is how I stumbled upon DroneX Pro. After using the device for a while now, I believe that I could provide an in-depth assessment of the drone's funtionalities. If you are in the market for a great photography drone, this DroneX Pro review will ensure you know all there is to know about the model, thus allowing you to make a sound decision.

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Things to consider before buying a drone

We cannot continue with this DroneX Pro review without mentioning the things you need to look out for before you buy a drone. Before anything else, you need to consider the features of the drone.

In case you're wondering why considering the features is important, here's why.

To begin with, they determine the performance of the drone. Moreover, they give the drone the capability to deliver different functionalities. As such, you will need to find a device that has high-quality features. Fortunately, you can get an affordable drone, such as the DroneX Pro, that still comes fitted with quality features.

With that said, here are the main features and aspects to consider before buying a drone.

Where will you fly your drone?

For starters, it is imperative to note that some regions have pretty strict guidelines when it comes to flying a drone. As such, it is important to ensure you are familiar with all the restrictions that will affect your day out with the drone.

Besides paying attention to the regulations, you also need to know how to fly each drone. Luckily, you will find most of the dos and don'ts on DroneX Pro reviews, but here are the main ones.


First, you should fly your drone under 400 meters.


Secondly, you should never fly your drone within 5 miles of any airport in your area


You should never fly your DroneX Pro over national parks and other government facilities.

Flight time

The flight time of a drone is the duration it stays above air as you capture aerial images. Usually, different drones have different flight times, and we recommend choosing your drone based on your photography needs.

However, instead of focusing more on the flight time, you need to focus on how to manage the time during every shoot. Why do we say this? Well, that's because a majority of the drones can only fly for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Image quality

Additionally, you need to consider the image quality that your drone delivers. As you can see, a drone is best used to capture aerial images and videos. Therefore, you need to have a drone that will capture high-quality images.

A drone comes fitted with a camera; so, you should be able to see the specifications of the camera on the drone's product descriptions. You, however, should keep in mind that if a drone has advanced camera features, you may need to pay more for it.

The range

Another major consideration that you need to make before you buy yourself a drone is to check out its range. You need to ensure that you get yourself a drone that will go high enough to capture high-quality images.

You must also keep in mind that different drones will have a different range. Therefore, you should get yourself a drone that is suitable for the locations you intend to capture your images. Moreover, don't forget that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also has set regulations for drones to fly under 400 meters.

So, if you want to use your drone for commercial purposes, ensure to get a permit from the FAA. The permit should allow you to fly your drone above the stipulated 400 meters.

The stability

Do you want to capture great images with your drone? Well, as we were checking out several DroneX Pro reviews, we figured that the stability of your device plays a significant role. Overall, we recommend that you get a stable drone.

Why? A stable drone will help you capture videos and images that are not blurry. Additionally, be sure to acquire a drone that can hover in a stable position. That's because the goal is to capture crisp and clear images.

Why you should buy a drone

When we were conducting our research on the DroneX pro, we came across a couple of DroneX Pro reviews and one of the questions that kept popping up is why you should buy a drone. Frankly, that was a head-scratcher for us. Consequently, we did further research to find the key reasons as to why you should get yourself a drone.

Here are some of the key reasons that we found:

#1 It provides you with a unique photographic perspective

Every day, you walk into your house or office, and there is a high likelihood that you don't know how the building you live in looks from above, right? Well, that's an angle that drones came to address, especially to enthusiastic photographers.

A drone allows you to capture images and videos from different perspectives. In fact, it gives you angles that are hardly apparent to a majority of the people. In short, a drone will help you to capture fantastic aerial photos and videos at your own convenience.

#2 It is fun

Sometimes, you need to bring some fun in everything that you do. If photography is your thing, then a drone will make your hobby or profession seem more interesting. How so? Well, you will be flying the drone from one point to another, and that will give you an exhilarating experience.

Besides, images taken by a device such as the DroneX Pro will give you a competitive edge. This is because you get to capture images from angles and positions you would never achieve using a regular camera.

#3 You could use it as a money-making venture

Photography is a hobby to some people while others do it professionally. Even when doing it as a hobby, it doesn't mean that you cannot make some money from it.

Today, there is a myriad of businesses that require photography services. You can venture into advertising real estate, precision agriculture, and inspecting equipment and structures among others. Frankly, there is no better way to capture these images than by using a drone.

#4 Ideal for capturing crisp and clear images

Another major reason why you should get yourself a drone is to capture smooth footage. You might have seen other DroneX Pro reviews mention the camera a lot, and that means that it is a critical feature. Actually, you'll notice that most drones feature high-quality cameras. As a result, videographers have switched to using drones because of the crispness of the images they can take using a drone.

The Review of DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro is a device that you could use to enhance your photography adventures. It is a foldable drone that allows you to travel with it to different shoot locations. Additionally, the drone has a lightweight design.

The manufacturer has also built it with high-quality materials, and that helps to improve its durability. Succinctly, DroneX Pro will give you high-end performance and functionality in your photography and videography.

Intriguingly, this drone has plenty of quality features that will optimize your experience. The drone's camera, for instance, has a 720P camera resolution, and it can capture 360-degree photos easily. However, we will delve deeper into the main features later in our DroneX Pro review.


  • This is a foldable drone that is easy to control
  • It mantains stability in the air
  • Comes with a user manual for easier operation
  • It is economically prices
  • The drone boasts of lightweight design


  • It has a limited time flight
  • It has a limited range

Features and Benefits

Without further ado, let us have a look at the main features of Drone X Pro.

Specifications of DroneX Pro

  • 2.4GHz radio frequency
  • 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery
  • Built-in Wi-Fi FPV
  • 10 minutes of maximum flight time
  • 6-axis of gyroscope
  • A maximum range of 80 meters
  • 720P resolution camera
  • LED lights
  • Useable in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Takes about an hour to attain full charge


A good drone is supposed to come with many accessories, which allow you to operate it with more ease. Like other great devices, Drone X Pro also comes with several accessories in its package.

For instance, you will notice that it comes with four extra propeller blades. The additional blades will come in handy when the propeller blades on your drone break, or when the drone crashes. Additionally, you will find a screwdriver, which you could use to carry out simple maintenance practices on your drone.

But wait, there is more…

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Drone X Pro also comes with a well-detailed user manual, which you could rely on during the installation process. The instructions are written in English, and they include guidelines on how you can fix minor problems. Cool, right?

The drone also comes with a USB cable for charging, but you will require to purchase extra batteries separately if you want to use your drone over an extended period.

To enhance its portability, the drone comes with a storage bag.

Control options

If you have ever flown another drone, you must have noticed that it has a controller. However, you might come across some drones that have low-quality controls. Fortunately, Drone X Pro has been designed with universal control options. That means that you can control it using your mobile phone, and you can also fly it using the provided controller.

You will also notice that the controller has two main control knobs, which you'll use to operate the drone. If you are a beginner, however, you might need to practice some more to get the hook of things. The controller also has several buttons that are mainly meant for precision control.

If you aren't looking to learn new tricks today, you will find it easier to control the drone using the app on your smartphone.

Let us see how…

When using the app, you will receive the FPV feed in addition to being able to control the drone seamlessly. The app is free to download, and it's available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Interestingly, the app has extra features to improve your control. They include gravity sensors, a real-time feed, and trajectory flight monitoring among other modes.


Having had some experience with the Drone X Pro, I can tell you that this is one durable drone. How come? Well, the manufacturer has designed it with a sturdy outer covering, which helps it withstand impact when it falls or crashes.

Additionally, the drone features collapsible propellers, which make it more resilient. With this design, you don't have to constantly worry that the propeller blades will get damaged. Moreover, the fact that it is a foldable drone helps to improve its durability.

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Design and functionality

The X Pro has an impressive design. I could easily say that this is a drone whose value matches what you pay for. For starters, the drone features a compact and lightweight design. As a result, you will never complain about getting tired carrying it from one location to the next.

Furthermore, the drone is made of high-quality and durable plastic. As such, you will not need to go to the shop frequently to make a replacement or repairs. Overall, X Pro is a drone whose functionality is comparable to that of other drones within its class.

Another notable thing is that this is a foldable drone. This design ensures the drone stands out on the market in addition to enhancing user convenience. When you have a closer look at the drone, you will see that it has a collapsible joint located between the drone's body and the frames that hold the propellers.

You will also note that the propeller blades aren't permanently fixed, thus making the drone easier to fold when you're not flying it or when you are heading to your shoot location.

Flight time

When you compare the X Pro with other drones within its class, you will notice that it has a good flight time. When your batteries are fully charged, the drone will fly for about 10 minutes. And if you ask me, that's more than enough time to capture the images and videos that you want.

I bet you're wondering how long it takes to get X Pro's batteries fully charged. Well, the drone needs 70 minutes to attain full charge. However, you must keep in mind that it will only give you 10 minutes of filming. That means that if you want to capture images and videos over an extended period, you may need to purchase extra batteries.


Luckily, the X Pro has a durable battery life, which eliminates the stress of replacing it constantly. The drone features a 3.7V and 500MAh battery. The battery measures 7 x 2 x 1.8cm and is significantly lightweight.


If you want to capture quality images and videos with a drone, then it has to have an excellent camera. Fortunately, the manufacturer of Drone X Pro has fitted it with a 2MP HD camera, which you can rely on to take photos and record videos.

Additionally, the drone's camera has 720P for excellent resolution, thus allowing you to take HD photos and videos. The camera also has a panorama mode that lets you capture 360-degree images from the air.

You, however, need to know that this drone's camera is fixed. This implies that if the drone shakes, so will the camera and that could compromise the image quality.


As we'd mentioned previously, the stability of a drone should be one of the key features you consider before settling for a specific drone. That said, let us have a look at the stability of the X Pro to determine if it is worth acquiring.

To begin with, this drone is built to maintain its course; hence, its stability is quite impressive. When the drone goes beyond 80 meters high, however, you might have to employ some drone-flying skills to ensure that you keep it in position.

Luckily, the drone comes with an altitude hold mode. How cool is this feature? Well, it helps you maintain your Drone X Pro at a constant height and position.

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Social proof

While scouring the internet, I came across several positive reviews from users who've had the chance to fly this drone.

"I'm always protective when it comes to my gadgets, but the X Pro comes with anti-collision features, plus it's easy to use. I could let my 8-year old use it without worrying"

One user said

"I was so glad that I could get an affordable drone that features high-end performance and functionality. Photography will never be the same again"

Another one claimed that

"The Drone X Pro is a true definition of value for money. At an affordable price, I got adequate flight time and crisp images."

There's also another one who claimed that


Besides the X Pro, I found three other drones within its class that I thought served as excellent alternatives. The three drones that I found in the market are Ryze Tech Tello, Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter, and SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV. How about we have a look at each one to see how they compare to the X Pro.

Ryze Tech Tello - Mini Drone Quadcopter

The first drone is the Ryze Tech Tello. Like the X Pro, this is a compact and lightweight drone. As a result, you might find it suitable for kids and beginners alike. The drone comes with a 5MP camera, which allows it to capture photos and HD videos at 720P resolution.

I was also impressed by the flight time on this drone, which is much more than that of the X Pro. It has a maximum flight time of 13 minutes. Additionally, this drone is not only economically priced but also comes with a high-capacity battery. You will also notice two antennas on the drone, whose role is to enhance the stability of your video transmissions.

The drone also allows you to share the images and videos you've captured to your social media platforms through your smartphone. In this package, you will find a pair of propellers, a set of propeller guards, a USB cable, and a propeller removal tool. Those should get you started.

This drone will also give you an easy time when installing the batteries besides having an impressive mobile programming app. If you're a student, you could use the app to improve your programming skills.


  • It comes with a mobile programming app
  • Has a compact and lightweight design
  • Economically priced
  • Excellent flight time


  • Cannot fly under windy conditions
  • The Wi-Fi range is limited

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Have you been looking for an affordable drone that could add excitement to your photography and videography escapades? Well, you might want to check out this drone. To begin with, the HS170 features an impressive design that will easily win you over if you are into cool tech.

Moreover, the drone has a headless security system that allows anyone to fly it seamlessly. The manufacturer recommends this drone for training. Therefore, if you're a beginner, this could work for you. The drone also comes with 2.4GHz technology, which eliminates interference from other wireless gadgets.

Compared to the DroneX Pro, the HS170 has a shorter flight time. It runs between 6 and 8 minutes. Its battery, however, takes about 45 to 60 minutes to attain a full charge, which is also shorter than that of the X Pro. I noticed an impressive feature on this drone – a 6-axis gyro stabilization system, which gives this drone excellent stability. Additionally, the drone has a good wind-resistant control range of about 30 to 50 meters.


  • Built to be more stable and flexible
  • Suitable for any level of drone-flyers
  • Quite affordable
  • Its batteries recharge fast


  • Relatively short flight time
  • Has a limited range


Last on the list, we have the S5C Drone, an affordable drone that you could rely on to take quality aerial photos and videos. Let us see what it has to offer. For starters, this drone has an impressive construction design. You could easily compare it to those machines you see on a Sci-Fi movie. The drone is also quite user-friendly. You only need to push one button for it to start off. What's more, it has a headless mode and smart voice control.

But that's not all.

The S5C has 360-degree flips and rolls. The drone also has a 720P camera, and you can transmit videos to your smartphone from as far as 80 meters in the air. The drone also features a Micro SD card, where you can store the images and videos you capture. You should also not worry about its durability because the outer covering features sturdy ABS material. Moreover, it has an altitude-hold function that allows you to take crisper images. The S5C also comes with a built-in G-sensor for gravity control.


  • Has a sturdy construction
  • LED lights
  • Has an altitude-hold mode
  • Includes gesture control


  • Not easy to control


To sum up our DroneX Pro review, it is clear that the drone is suitable for beginners because it includes the necessary features that allow you to control it with ease. You could also settle on this drone because it comes with a 720P resolution camera, which lets you take clear shots.

Overall, the camera quality makes it ideal for taking simple shots. If you're into high-quality filming, however, you may want to look for another drone. Regardless, I was impressed by the stability of the DroneX Pro as well as its foldable design, which makes it more portable. With that said, click here to check out this drone.

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