FIXD - Professional Auto Diagnostics Tool Review (2020) - What Is It & Should You Buy It?

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August 5, 2019

What is FIXD?

FIXD is a merged hardware and software system that observes car health. It is sold by FIXD Automotive which is a company that thrives on making automotive. The company and its establishment started in 2014 and hailed from Atlanta, Georgia.

Purchasing an item from FIXD yields a package which includes a FIXD app and sensor. Based on the instructions, one should plug the sensor into the car’s OBD II port. This port delivers problems coming from the diagnostic port and relays it to the mobile app of FIXD installed on your phone. Along with the transmitted information via Bluetooth, it also attaches an evaluation on how severe the current issue is.

Plus, it will also tell you what potential situation may ensue once you go driving without solving the issue. It will you the problem in your car and how severe it is. The FIXD app also functions for scheduling appointments regarding the maintenance services located at your repair shop. Other than that, it also aids in finding parts needed for the car to be repaired.

In other words, the system used will bring notifications about the possibilities of taking your car to a repair shop. These notifications come shortly after the alert of the check-engine rings on your dashboard.

In terms of hardware parts, the vehicle will power the sensor. With this, you will only have to plug it in the port. After that, you can leave it there without worries about whether to recharge it or not.

The compatibility of the FIXD app is matched with Android and iOS. From that, all that's needed to be done is the following: after plugging the sensor in, get the app by downloading and installing it on your phone. Then, look forward to pairing it with the sensor.

Knowing What an OBD-II Port Is

Generally, a majority of cars made in 1996 or later years contain OBS-II ports. Ports owned by On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) have integrated the computerized self-diagnostics system. This system, in particular, will allow access to the diagnostics data.

The port's usual location lies under the dashboard on the side of the driver.

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The functions of the attached sensor are scanning and receiving feedback from the diagnostics coming from your car. Then, it will bring notifications to your smartphone. The delivered information can be shown to your mechanic. If you don't want to do that, you can also move on and fix the problems on your own.

On the other hand, you will also get useful reminders regarding maintenance requirements soon. Aside from this, receiving elements for repair is also possible if your vehicle needs abrupt service in any form.

That's why FIXD will be helping you to translate these to free you from the burden of doing in-depth observations about your car. No more complicated and incomprehensible error codes, FIXD can deal with it.

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Knowing How FIXD Functions

Put FIXD Into Car Port
Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it! 

Sync FIXD With Phone
Connect FIXD to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.

FIXD Does The Rest
Get notified of any issues with continuous monitoring, preventing $1000s in costly repairs.

Looking for an affordable way to change your regular car and transform it into a smart car? FIXD can help you with that. Plus, it's a cheaper option to read all the error messages and point out issues compared to going to a professional.

Using the FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor can be easy, simple, and direct to the point. First and foremost, have the sensor plugged in the OBD-II port of the car. After that, pair it with the mobile app of FIXD. If you still 'don't have the app, install it on your smartphone as soon as possible. So far, it only supports Android and iOS phones.

You can search the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Of course, it will depend on the type of phone you have.

The car powers the sensor, which gives it the ability to go on without recharging since 'it's only plugged permanently. The app on your phone lets it link and communicate with the car sensor through Bluetooth.

To know what's happening with your car, you can opt to use the app. However, if there comes a problem needing immediate attention, 'you'll get a notification on your phone sent in real-time.

The problem will be made known through a sent notification. It will also tell the level of risk if you choose to continue driving. On top of that, you will also have an idea about the expectations you should hold the moment you introduce it to a repair shop.

The ability of FIXD to identify a multitude of problems or potential issues is superb. This is a feat for any gas-powered car created in the last two decades.

The translation of the problem emerging from a puzzling error code is done by the system. It will deliver the code into plain English, thus shrinking down your problem. You can even settle the issue on your own, given that 'it's simple enough to be handled. In some situations, the problem can be fixed through simple adjustments in small bouts.

One would expect that this can save much time for you, as well as frustration and expenses for pushing your car through a repair shop. A sigh of relief will come upon you since you 'don't have to completely entrust your vehicle to a mechanic who cannot give a straightforward and honest issue about the actual problem of your car.

Using the app is also possible for clearing any indicator lights that have been fixed already.

One practical feature of the FIXD mobile app is its ability to be used as a reminder for upcoming maintenance services. These services may have been scheduled already or will be planned in the future matched with your vehicle. Its milestones like oil changes, filter changes, and others are also included. Doing preventive actions that are timely and relevant to your car's condition can keep you away from doing expensive repairs in the future.

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FIXD's Main Features

Monitoring at a continuous pace

It's possible to plug the car health monitor every time. Plus, you can receive notifications on your smartphone automatically once it sniffs vehicular issues. Along with charging your battery power, it thrives in low-energy mode. However, if you're looking forward to leaving your car without being used for more than a week or two, ditch the sensor from your OBD-II port.

Control for multi-vehicle

As I've mentioned earlier, one can purchase several of this app in-car checking. You can either opt for every vehicle you own. Furthermore, the car diagnostic app can also let you check the monitor of your vehicle's health and statuses of the same unit on your diagnostic app. Opt to download the official FIXD app to gain access on your live car data.

Detecting mileage and reminding repairs

Chucking in the sensor to get plugged can recognize your car's mileage with the car monitor. An algorithm made by the development team will be utilized. Afterward, an alert will come from the car health monitor every time your car nears the upcoming maintenance suggestion. Taking proper care of your vehicle can save money on a long-term basis.

History of your vehicle

Receiving real-time feedback of your car's condition and problems are remarkable. However, it would be better if you can also keep tabs on all the issues occurring because, soon enough, you might unravel a repeating concern. With the FIXD OBD2 scanner, you can determine your car problems and maintain a consistent running log along with the car diagnostic app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Port location

A: Generally, it can be found on the driver's side, under the dashboard and shortly above the pedals. Taking too much time to find the port in your vehicle? Call FIXD at

Q: Is it okay to leave FIXD in my car every time?

A: Sure, it's okay to leave the sensor plugged anytime since it only uses low power when it's not actively communicating with the app. However, if you'll leave it on your car for more than three weeks, it's suggested best to unplug the sensor.

Q: FIXD Device and Charging: Needed or Not Needed?

A: No. Since it consumes the energy of your vehicle, the FIXD device can stand due to its low-energy mode. Thanks to the energy-saving mode, it won't drain nor cut your battery supply.

Q: Will my other Bluetooth devices get blocked by the sensor?

A: No, pairing will be allowed by your smartphone. The device can also communicate across multiple Bluetooth receivers, one at a time.

Q: Can I Get A Money-Back Guarantee?

A: Yes. Each device purchased comes along with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Q: Is Warranty Available?

A: Yes. Each unit purchased comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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FIXD Price


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Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It delivers a multitude of issues.
  • It gives cost estimates.
  • Fast scanning performance.
  • Can be used on multiple cars with one account.
  • The device presents readings with accuracy.
  • User-friendly
  • Made affordable in the market.


  • Takes long to link with the sensor.
  • Relays issue reports regarding check engine light only. Other problems with dash lights aren't delivered.
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Getting real tired of being swindled by pretend mechanics? Good news, this is the answer you've been waiting! Using this OBD2 scanner can help you understand your 'car's condition once the check engine light goes on.

Aside from showing the error codes, it also evaluates and relays the problem levels seen on your vehicle. Knowing all of these will not take you by surprise in the future whenever you're planning to take your car for a routine oil change. Indeed, all your frustrations will go away.

This car diagnostic tool sports accuracy and efficiency. True to its function, the mechanics deliver similar data coming from the same port (OBD-II) to check your 'vehicle's condition. Hence, you can now tell if sketchy auto mechanics are ripping you off or not.

Finally, everyone can use it. Installing the car diagnostic app will yield vehicle condition data after a few minutes. Since anyone can use it, being a car person is not a requirement. Through using the app, it will translate issues into simple terminologies that can be understood by everyone. Does it work? Of course! All the benefits and pros of the item are evident in my positive review and 'other's as well. If 'you're going to ask me, I consider this as the most superior car health monitor in the market.

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