FixMeStick USB Virus Scanner Full Review

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October 22, 2020
Adam Moreno

Truth is, malware can cause you a lot of problems, especially if it bypasses your antivirus. Once your PC gets infected by malware, you will go through a lot of financial strain to restore it to normal. Not to mention, lost time. That's why I always like to keep my computer protected. And an excellent device that helps me accomplish that is the FixMeStick USB Virus Scanner. Would you like to know how it can benefit you too? Well, read on to find out.

Fix Me Stick

Things to consider before buying a USB virus scanner

Today, there are plenty of scammers, and they keep coming up with new ways to cause your devices harm. They can leave viruses behind, and they can also hack you to steal your money, identity, and even livelihood.

I know a couple of people who have been victims of these scams. As a result, I recommend everyone with a PC to make sure it's always protected. An antivirus may come in handy. But sometimes, it just doesn't meet the cut.

That's where the FixMeStick comes in handy. This is an effective device that makes sure your PC is safe and clean from malware and viruses. However, before you purchase a USB virus scanner, there are a couple of considerations you have to make.

Wonder what they are? Well, how about we find out together?

Compatibility with your devices

Before you buy a specific virus scanner, you must make sure that it is compatible with your devices. As you already know, different devices have different operating systems, which are bought at different times. Consequently, you have to purchase a device that will be compatible with all the versions of your devices.

Customer service and support

Most importantly, I recommend getting a virus scanner whose company provides reliable customer support. Why's that? You see, new threats are coming up now and then. So, you have to choose a company that's capable of providing prompt solutions to deal with emerging threats.

Excellent customer support also goes a long way to help you solve problems. Particularly, when you're having difficulties cleaning up your PC.

Ease of virus removal

Frankly, no one wants a software or virus scanner device that requires a complex process to get rid of the malware. You need a product that will get rid of the latest Trojans, spyware, worms, and rootkits seamlessly. You should get a product that provides you with a full-proof way of removing viruses, and it should accomplish the task(s) efficiently.

Extra protection features

Apart from the basic protection, you need to confirm whether it has additional protection features. You need to check whether the product can offer protection to multiple devices in one package. Such a feature could come in handy to people in businesses, or those who have multiple devices.

You can also check if it has a secure firewall, especially if you want it for company-owned devices. Generally, they will help keep your devices safe, clean, and faster.

FixMeStick USB Virus Scanner

Now that we've gone through the basics, what exactly is a FixMeStick? Simply put, this is a plug-in USB, which is designed to scan your PC for viruses. It works by scanning your computer before it boots into the usual operating system.

FixMeStick Gold

It is a portable, removable device, which cleans your computer from viruses, keeping it safe and fast. Besides scanning your computer, it also ensures to get rid of any spyware, Trojan, viruses too.

Interestingly, the FixMeStick is superior to most antivirus software. How so? It will reboot your PC through a system on it. That way, it will get rid of any malware and viruses that can't be detected by security programs and antiviruses.

And the best part? It comes with technical support. So, you can get your problem fixed as soon as possible. Additionally, millions of users to remove malware from their computers have used the FixMeStick USB.

But what is it for? Well, it will neither conflict with nor replace any antivirus software on your computer. Better yet, it makes sure to remove harmful viruses and malware before the system boots. That way, no infections remain in your operating system once it starts running.

This is an effective tool for your PC's everyday protection. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.


  • It works effectively to get rid of viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Has excellent customer support
  • Works through both the BIOS system and UEFI
  • Has a built-in live chat tool
  • Prevents future viruses through constant updates


  • It does not have real-time protection
  • Does not provide support on Sunday
  • Sometimes, it doesn't get rid of every executable file
  • Does not support Mac OS systems versions from 2018 onwards

Features & Benefits

Without further ado, let us get down to the main features and benefits of the FixMeStick.

Key features

If you're used to antivirus software, you're probably wondering what features this USB virus scanner has. More so, how do they make the FixMeStick better than most antivirus software? For starters, it gets rid of malware automatically to prevent it from invading your computer.

Overall, here are the key features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • It will detect your Wi-Fi or cable network automatically to update virus protection before performing a scan
  • Free automatic updates, including malware definitions
  • Malware and virus removal
  • No software installation needed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Phone support

How to use the FixMeStick

Intriguingly, the FixMeStick does not work like the usual antivirus software. You will not need to download or install it for it to work. Instead, the USB stick works straight out of the box.

Bear in mind that it is a bootable device. So, when you plug it into your computer's USB port, it will boot via the BIOS. On the other hand, you can still plug it in when your PC's OS is running. All it will require is a stable network connection so that it can access the internet, and begin the reboot.

Once it boots, it will automatically update itself online, and then begin the scan. The scan may take a short or long period (usually over an hour). But that solely depends on the condition and size of your computer.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The FixMeStick relies on three anti-virus software – Kaspersky, Sophos, and GFI Vipre. This is one of the most interesting bits about this USB stick because it allows it to trace all infections much better.

However, you can still conduct a custom scan. But I would recommend this for advanced users. Why? It lets you limit your scan to particular files or disks.

After the scan is done, you can now review the problems that have been found. The USB stick will offer to clean all the infections found. And once they're disinfected, the virus scanner will quarantine them. They are usually saved as a ZIP file.

When the system reboots to Windows, you will be directed to a browser page. It contains contact information for you to make follow-ups. However, you need to keep in mind that the FixMeStick will only quarantine the infected files, as opposed to repairing them.

So, if your device fails to boot, you can then contact support. Luckily, this product has great tech support. You will get in touch with an agent, who will provide you with the help you require. And the good news? The support has a built-in TeamViewer, which allows you to chat directly with the support staff.

Your issue will then get diagnosed and fixed accordingly. But you need to know the live chat support is available only on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm ET. Alternatively, you can opt for phone support which is available on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm. It is also available on Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm.

Pricing plan

The FixMeStick has several pricing models. And that gives you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits you best.

First, you will find the 30-day trial, which goes for $9.99, and that also includes shipping. There's also a $59.99 per year home subscription, where you get the FixMeStick, and this option has no shipping charge. The best part? You can use it on three computers.

Alternatively, you can choose the $89.99 pricing modes. It will give you a two-year subscription, and it allows you to use it on up to five computers. Lastly, you will find the $299.99 pro-edition services. I would recommend it for company-based plans because it will provide you with a year's subscription to an unlimited number of computers.

Why do I need the FixMeStick?

Moreover, there is widespread scamming in the computer world. And it doesn't matter what operating system you use. You are prone to get hacked, and malware, viruses, and spyware get placed in your system – something that will greatly affect your day-to-day operations.

But if you get the FixMeStick, you can avert these negating effects. It will help keep your PC safe.

Social proof

So, I scoured the internet and found a couple of user reviews, which all had positive things to say about the FixMeStick.

Kindle Customer said that it scans and gets rid of threats that antivirus software cannot. []

Jerome said that the FixMeStick is an impressive device that he bought a while back. And it worked great on two of his computers. []

While, Sharon said that the gadget is great, and it came with clear instructions that allowed her to do the job easily. []


To sum up:

Would I recommend the FixMeStick USB Virus Scanner for everyone with a PC? Undoubtedly, yes.

This is an effective device that will keep you safe in the harsh computer world. Especially since there are so many scammers nowadays.

If scammers get access to your PC, they can steal your finances and even affect your livelihood. That's why you need a product that can help you remove a virus and malware, keeping your device safe.

Fortunately, FixMeStick removes malware, rootkits, viruses, and spyware by booting into your operating system. It can also remove them even when your OS is running. Better yet, the company provides you with great tech support so that you can go about the process easily.

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