GoDonut Phone and Tablet Stand Holder Full Review

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October 9, 2020

The modern smartphone and tablet are more than just communication devices for most users. For a majority of people, their smart devices double up as gadgets they can use to access entertainment by streaming videos and accessing their favorite social media sites.

With that said, a lot of time is spent scrolling through the smartphone or tablet.

If you spend more than an hour scrolling through your screen, then this GoDonut Phone and Tablet Stand Holder Full Review introduces to you a product that will revolutionize how you interact with your smartphone. Read on to find out more about this amazing phone and tablet holder.

About the GoDonut Phone and Tablet Stand Holder

The GoDonut universal phone and tablet holder is a multi-device prop up support tool that promises to bring a new experience to smartphone and tablet users. It is constructed using durable materials and has two indentations at the front and black that allow placement of devices of various sizes in three different positions.

The GoDonut has a compact size that fits in any pocket and allows the user to take it with them anywhere they go. Moreover, its flat bottom is non-slip allowing it to be used on any flat surface.

This tablet and smartphone holder is ideal for people who spend hours on their smartphones and tablets. The device allows a hands free operation of your smart devices with reduced risk of slipping, sliding, and falling. People who spend hours video conferencing will also find this device convenient because it frees their hands to take notes and illustrate when doing presentations via videoconference.

Teens who love streaming videos and watching movies straight from their phones can also use this device to experience uninterrupted movie time with their phones held securely at an optimized viewing angle.

The phone and tablet holder is a prop up device that holds the phone or tablet in position. It does not provide any multimedia connectivity to the phone or wireless charging. Other devices that buyers could consider include those that hold compatible phones and charge them wirelessly.


  • Multiple device support
  • Made of durable material
  • Can hold devices in 3 positions
  • Easy to carry around
  • Works on any flat surface


  • Cannot charge the device
  • Some angles may block the charging port on your phone
  • Difficult to fit some phones with covering cases in the groves

The GoDonut has a very straightforward operation procedure. Simply place the phone holder on a flat surface and place your phone in one of the three grooves on the circular surface. The grooves allow the phone to sit at 90, 70, and 45-degree angles of elevation so that the user can select, which angle works best for him or her.

For instance, if you are cooking and following an online recipe to guide your culinary actions, the 70-degree tilt angle works best. The standing posture when working on a kitchen counter allows you to view the phone screen properly. The grooves are also open to accommodate small, medium, and large devices. The grooves also allow you to use the phone in both portrait or landscape mode.

The phone holder is compact at only 4 inches by 1 inch. The size allows easy transportation either by holding it in your hand or carrying it inside your pocket. This means you can take it with you anywhere you go and easily place it on any flat surface when you need to use it.

The flat bottom surface sits on any flat surface implying that you can use the holder on a desk, bedside drawer, kitchen counter, or even on the floor. The material used to make the GoDonut does not slip. This ensures that the holder holds your phone and smart device firmly with no chances of slipping.

Features & Benefits

Multidevice support

The GoDonut phone and tablet holder has a circular surface with open grooves that adjust easily to fit the thickness of the body of most smartphones and tablets. The grooves are shallow, which provides uninterrupted access to the whole screen on your device and allows you to scroll and swipe without any hindrances.

The open grooves do not limit the size of the device that can be placed in the holder. The holder can hold small smartphones and large screen tablets easily. The adjustable grooves widen enough to accommodate your phone together with its case if you have one on your phone. This allows you to provide extra protection to the phone.

Multiple angles

The grooves etched on the top surface of the phone holder allow you to hold the smartphone device in three different angles and in both upright and slanted positions. You can use the phone while held inside the holder at an upright 90-degree angle, slightly slant it to 70 degrees angle, or slant the phone to 45 degrees. The different angles allow you to use the holder for a variety of situations ranging from viewing movies, taking selfies, video calling friends and family, or scrolling through your favorite social media accounts.

Secure grip

The holder grooves adjust according to the thickness of your device. This allows them to hold your devices firmly in place with no chances of slipping. You can also enjoy scrolling on your device without worrying about them falling or slipping from your grip. The circular shape of the GoDonut also enhances stability and ensures that the device held inside the grooves has low chance of tipping over and falling.

Enables hands free operation

Using the phone holder allows you to enjoy hands free operation when teleconferencing and making video calls. The hands free operation frees your hands to perform other tasks, such as taking notes, while still doing an important meeting. A hands-free operation also benefits users who want to follow instructional videos from their smart devices. Such instructions might involve workout routines, do it yourself videos, or cooking instructions from professional chefs.


This product is small at only 4 inches wide by 1 inches thick. This size allows you to carry it around conveniently in your hand or pocket and take it with you from home, to the office, or hotel. You can also fit the phone holder in your traveling bag pockets without adding to the size or weight of your luggage and take it with you on any trip. This allows you to keep your devices safe even when you are away from home.

Easy to use

The phone holder is so easy to use. All you have to do is find a flat surface and place the holder on it. Fitting the phone or tablet on the grooves is easy since the grooves adjust to the thickness of the device. In fact, there are no cables or further installation procedures needed.

Easy to clean

The materials used to make the holder are sturdy and can be cleaned in the dishwasher without sustaining scratches. The holder is also safe for use around kids since it contains no toxins or harmful components that are dangerous to health when accidentally ingested.

30 day return or replacement guarantee

The company that makes the GoDonut holder provides unhappy customers with a 30-day return or replacement guarantee. This gives the customers confidence that they are buying a high-quality product.

Is GoDonut a good product

From the many positive reviews available on different online platforms, it is clear that the GoDonut holder has improved how people use their phones and smart devices in their daily activities. Users say they love the sturdy material used in its construction, which does not slip on smooth surfaces and is capable of holding their devices without sticking and leaving stains or scratches on the device.

Its ability to hold different devices, such as smartphones, kindles, and tablets, has also made the holder one of the most used devices in most homes. Others say they have found the device a necessary tool for everyday use at the office. Some users also take it out on the occasional camping trip. The tool is small, which means that it easily fits in a travel bag. Moreover, it does not add to the weight that users have to carry around.

Where to buy GoDonut

The GoDonut phone holder is available on the GoDonut webshop and comes in various color finishes to give you the option of selecting the holder that matches your personality and environment.

Some of the finishes include silver, metallic, and a glow in the dark material, which gives you an amazing experience when using the device in dark rooms. Optional swivel additions are available for the holder that allow you to do a 360 degree turn of your phone or tablet without moving the holder or removing it from the holding ports.

The company boasts selling more than half a million holders since it began and the sales continue soaring as it gains popularity. To boost its sales, customers get free shipping for bulk orders of the holder.


Safe use of your smart devices ensures you don't have to buy new devices every time your phone or tablet drops and breaks down. The GoDonut phone and tablet holder holds your phone, tablet, or kindle device while still allowing you to use your smart devices comfortably. It supports a wide variety of devices and fits in the pocket or travel bag for easy transportation. With multiple angles and screen orientation support, you can enjoy better use of your phone or tablet without it falling or slipping from your hands.

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