The Futuristic KeySmart Compact Keyholder and Keychain Organizer In-Depth Review

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September 16, 2020

Why You Need the KeySmart Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

We all have at one point or another struggled with handling our keys. Sometimes we have several keys in a bunch that carrying them can prove a challenge. Whether we keep them in our pockets or in our bags, we always face a challenge with our bunch of keys.

Personally, my biggest challenge was having my keys poke my thighs as I went about my day-to-day activities. There is also the challenge of the keys poking holes into your pockets all the time as well as getting misplaced all the time.

Things to Consider before Buying a Key Organizer

Many people will agree that it is annoying when keys make jangling noises from your pockets as you walk. Keys poking your thighs is also not a good feeling. Bulky bunches of keys in your pockets are also an eye sore and can ruin your look. The most frustrating challenge though is misplacing your keys. If you are especially in a hurry, losing your keys can really annoy you. All these frustrations get us wishing for something that offers a solution to all our key troubles. 

When looking for a key organizer, you should take into consideration all the challenges you face with your bunch of keys. The gadget you buy should make it easy and convenient to carry your keys. It should be able to turn your cumbersome keys into a neat pile that is both stylish and comfortable in your pockets. KeySmart takes this into consideration as it provides us a way of keeping our keys orderly and getting rid of the challenges.

Given the problems that this gadget has to solve, here are some of the things you should look for before you purchase one.

 • The number of keys it can support

 It is important to consider the number of keys your key organizer can hold because you do not want to buy one that will only fit half your keys. You should look for one that can fit all your keys. Since it is adjustable to fit the number of keys in its range, a bigger key capacity would be ideal so that you do not have to buy a new one when your keys increase.

 • The product’s material composition

 The material composition of the product determines its durability. There are plastic key organizers as well as metallic one. A plastic key organizer is likely to wear out faster than a metallic one.

 • Other utility features

Features such as an LED light or an opener add to the functionality of the key organizer. You should get one that has added utility to serve your other needs.

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The KeySmart Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

The KeySmart compact key holder and keychain organizer is a device that allows you to organize your keys into a neat package that is easy and convenient to carry around. It provides space to attach between 2 and 14 keys depending on the type and model.

There are plastic discs sandwiching the keys to keep them firm while reducing corrosion. The bolts that hold the keys together are adjustable to allow you fine-tune the Key Smart to achieve the right amount of swivel.

There are several models of the KeySmart. Each of these models has features that help solve different problems with keys. The KeySmart Pro is perhaps the most advanced of the KeySmart models. It incorporates technology to make it convenient for your needs. Some of its features will be a huge boost to your user experience.

As effective tools and devices go, the KeySmart is a great innovation that provides a solution that will last long into the future. The feature-packed design of this small yet nifty gadget provides many benefits to users.

KeySmart Packaging

Key Size Requirements

You do not have to worry about cutting new keys to fit into your KeySmart key holder. Your standard keys measuring 80 mm in length and 2 mm in thickness will fit in the key holder. Other bigger keys and fobs can be attached to the loop piece that comes with it.


The KeySmart Compact Key holder and keychain organizer comprises of light aircraft aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. That makes it light, yet durable. Thus, it will serve you for a very long time before needing a replacement.

Sleek Design but Efficient Functionality

The original KeySmart comes in a sleek durable design. It consists of aluminum and stainless steel as well as a titanium option. The material makes it strong yet lightweight. However, while the design is great, it does not cut down on usefulness. The design allows you to fit your keys into a compact simple gadget that is easy to carry. Whereas your old bunch of keys may have caused havoc and chaos in your pockets as you went about your activities, the KeySmart provides a more peaceful experience.

Plastic Spacers for a More Uniform Look and Feel

It provides for uniformity with its disc spacers between the keys. That also minimizes any chance of noise from the keys. The screw allows you to adjust how your keys fit into the KeySmart. Although loosening the screw allows you easier access to the keys, it also makes it easier for the keys to flick out, which may result into several inconveniences. Therefore, you will have to adjust the tightness of the screw to a level that is convenient for you.

Simple Look Yet Great Functionality

Aesthetically, the KeySmart key organizer is not eye-catching. However, it is sleek enough to get you interested in its functionality. It does its work well without having to look extremely great. The S-design further enhances how well it fits easily into your pocket. You can choose your KeySmart from four different colors namely red, blue, black and mossy oak.

Features and Specs of the KeySmart

KeySmart has a range of convenient features and tools that make it a must-have device. Some of the key components include:

  • It has an embedded Tile chip to help locate your keys
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity to allow you connect with your smart device
  • It uses the Tile app to make it ring and make locating your keys easy
  • The Tile button on the KeySmart can also help you locate your smartphone
  • It has in-built LED light
  • It has a micro-USB cable for charging
  • It can also include tools such as bottle opener for other functionalities
  • It has a loop ring for bigger car keys

Tile Technology for Easier Key and Phone Location

The most impressive feature of the KeySmart Pro is its embedded Tile chip. Other than keeping your keys orderly, it also solves one major problem that we face with our keys.

The embedded chip helps you locate misplaced keys. The technology allows you to connect the KeySmart with your smart device. Using the app on your device, you can remotely track your KeySmart Pro on a can also use the ring feature to locate it through sound. When you activate this feature, the KeySmart rings, letting you know where to find your keys.

Other than helping you find you keys, the Tile technology can also prove useful when looking for your misplaced phone. When you press the Tile button on your KeySmart, you phone will start ringing, alerting you of its whereabouts.

The phone will still ring even when you have it on silent mode. This feature therefore saves you a lot of time when it comes to locating both your phone and your keys. It comes in handy especially when you are in a rush and cannot get either your keys or your phone.

Key Organization with KeySmart

All models of KeySmart serve one main purpose. They help you organize your keys for more convenience. The Key Smart has a very impressive design that lets you organize your keys into a multi-tool structure.

Most of the time, our bunches of keys are obtrusive and cumbersome to carry around. They make noise in our pockets as we walk, poke our thighs or poke holes into our pockets. The bulge a bunch of keys makes in our pockets can also be an annoying sight.

The KeySmart allows you to arrange your keys into two neat columns bound together by adjustable screws and bolts. That massively reduces the bulkiness of your keys and makes them convenient to carry. It also has a hook to attach to your purse or bag.

In-Built LED light for Use in the Dark

We all have times when we have fumbled to open locks in the dark. It can be a very annoying experience after a long tiring day. The KeySmart has a great solution to this. Often, when we are in the dark we fumble as we try to locate the keyhole into which to slide the key. We often turn to our mobile devices for lighting.

This can be cumbersome especially if your hands are full. The LED light on the KeySmart helps us use lighting as we open the door, without the need to engage both hands in the exercise. It also turns off after ten seconds, thus conserving the battery for prolonged use.

It comes with an LED light that can help you in various situations in the dark. While it comes in handy when trying to open your lock in the dark, it can also help you find other things. It can serve as a mini-flashlight.

You may need to find something in your purse in the dark or search for something you dropped on the sidewalk in the dark. The in-built LED flashlight will come in handy in these situations.

Other Utility Tools

The Key Smart also allows you to attach other useful tools that you may need in your day-to-day activities. For instance, you can have a bottle opener, nano pen, nano Stylus or nano scissors. These utility tools enhance the KeySmart’s functionality from just a key holder to a multi-tool gadget.

We all have different tasks we wish to use handy tools to perform. For instance, we may need to have a pair of scissors around us all the time for different minor tasks. Rather than carry a bulky pair of scissors, a small foldable pair can be ideal. 

The nano pen and nano stylus are ideal for people that are constantly working on devices. For example, artists that use electronic devices for their work. The KeySmart’s incorporation of such tools is therefore a good alternative.

You do not have to worry about your tools as they are always with your keys. The Tile technology further makes it convenient to locate the tools attached to your keys.

USB Charging

The KeySmart Pro has a micro USB charging port through which you recharge it. For a two-hour full charge, you get up to three months of use. You do not have to worry about your charge running out all the time.

Thus, you do not need to keep carrying your charger with you all the time. Even if you ran out of charge, the KeySmart will still perform its core function. You will still have your keys in order even though you may lose the ability to use the Tile feature to locate your keys or phone.

You do not need to worry about compatibility with the gadgets charging ports. It is compatible with standard USB cables and thus you can recharge it using your phone’s normal USB charging cables.

Loop for Car Keys and Other Larger Keys

Keys come in different sizes. While most of the keys can fit into the KeySmart, other larger keys may not. Car keys are especially too large to fit into the KeySmart.

However, that does not mean that you will have to carry them separately from the rest. You can still attach your car keys and the other larger keys to your KeySmart. The Keysmart comes with a loop that allows you to attach large keys that cannot fit into it. 

To attach the extra keys and fobs to the KeySmart, you can use a keyring or Magconnect. Magconnect allows you to detach your car or bike keys easily when you need to.

Unlike the keyring, you do not have to twist your keys through an entire keyring to detach them. The Magconnect lets you detach the keys with just a little jostle. However, you can easily lose your keys because of the little amount of jostling that would set it free.

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Social Proof

This little device’s biggest advantage is the organizational structure it gives our keys. You can connect up to 14 keys into one KeySmart. Stacking the keys together into two columns in the KeySmart creates more space in your pockets or bag.

It also gets rid of the jingling noise keys make when you are in motion. It also alleviates the pain of keys constantly poking you from your pockets. 

There are several positive reviews on this product online. Most indicate how easy it is to use the gadget and how orderly their keys are. Although you cannot attach colored markers to identify the keys, after sometime, you get used to the order of the keys and do not need markers to remind you which key opens where.

The main negative comments on this gadget are about its plastic component. Most people prefer the metallic earlier versions due to durability.


Clips Smart Compact Key Organizer Holder Keychain

The Clips Smart Compact Key Organizer Holder Keychain is made of carbon fiber and stainless steel. It has a capacity of up to 28 keys with 20 spacers. It also includes a bottle opener and carabiner among other tools. It costs about $21.89.

Compared to the KeySmart Pro, this product has a stronger and more durable body as it is made from fiber and stainless steel unlike the KeySmart Pro. It also has a higher key capacity as it can hold 28 keys while the KeySmart Pro can hold a maximum of 14 keys.

PocketPro Singularity Compact Key Holder Smart Key Organizer

The PocketPro Singularity Compact Key Holder Smart Key Organizer is made of aluminum. It has a capacity of 8 keys. It measures 0.63 inches in height and 0.71 inches in width.

It costs about $23.99. In terms of material, this product has a more durable material that the plastic in the KeySmart Pro. However, this product has a lower key capacity. The KeySmart Pro also has more advanced features that this product lacks.

The two alternative products go for a lower price though the KeySmart Pro has more advanced features. However, the two products comprise of more durable material than the plastic in the KeySmart Pro.

Final Verdict

The KeySmart offers a futuristic solution to your key problems. It organizes your keys into a nice gadget that is easy and comfortable to carry. The Pro version of the KeySmart offers some advanced functionality by incorporating Tile technology.

That eliminates another serial problem that we face with keys. It allows you to locate lost or misplaced keys. It also helps you to locate your misplaced phone using the KeySmart Tile button. Thus, this is a device designed to make life easy. It would be a very useful gadget to have.

The KeySmart key organizer eliminates the need for many things that we need in order to have our keys together. It goes a long way to making our life easy. Its features promise a great and fulfilling experience. It is therefore a must-have gadget for anyone that wants their keys in an orderly structure.

To check out the KeySmart’s features and specs in detail, please click here.

“You’ve got “smart” everything — phone, watch, thermostat, lights, TV — so why is your keychain still so dumb?”

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