Luminas Pain Relief Patch Review 2020

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December 7, 2020

What is Luminas?

Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain that affects your life quality?

Are you experiencing excruciating pain that drugs and other remedies cannot seem to alleviate?

Is using unreliable supplements getting on your last nerve?

Then, Luminas is an energy medicine patch that claims to relieve pain in minutes. 

Unlike prescription drugs like painkillers that tend to have side effects and can be addictive, the patch is highly effective. Luminas features 100 percent natural ingredients and no chemicals. It has a proprietary technology that makes it a powerful pain and inflammation reliever.

But do Luminas pain and inflammation relief patches work?

We analyzed the ingredients and the claims of the manufacturer to determine whether this patch is worth your money. 

How Does Luminas Work?

Luminas comes with an innovative technology that charges the patch with the health effects of over 200 natural remedies. The brand uses natural ingredients such as Magnesium, Turmeric, Ginger, Arnica, and vitamins like B-Complex and D, among others. With these remedies, the Luminas patch directly targets pain-causing roots.

The Luminas patch charging technology relies on the electric field signature of each remedy. It works by sending resonant carrier waves to collect the electric field signatures of its hundreds of natural remedies. These waves then imprint the signatures on the wearable Mylar patch for the healing effect. 

So, when you put on the Luminas patch, there is an interaction with your body’s electric field. This activation then triggers the direct release of the 200 plus electronic codes through the skin. The effect is a fast-acting reliever that targets the pain and inflammation source. 

Since the Luminas pain relief patch only features natural ingredients, it is 100 percent safe for use. Besides clinically demonstrating the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, Luminas is also FDA registered. The brand has done and gone through various thermography studies to prove its efficacy.

Features and Benefits

Luminas has undertaken hundreds of tests along with an independent clinical trial to showcase its efficacy in alleviating pain and inflammation. The patch promotes speedy recovery, especially after a high-intensity physical performance due to the following features.


Ginger naturally comes with gingerol, a bioactive compound, and other nutrients with multiple health benefits. This natural remedy has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that keep off chronic pain by preventing cell damage. Ginger is effective at reducing oxidative stress, and it helps with osteoarthritis, among other arthritis symptoms. Also, ginger helps ease muscle soreness by soothing the cells post-workout or training. What’s more, women who use ginger experience minimal to no menstrual pain.


Tumeric is widely known for its anti-inflammatory effects that alleviate joint pain and arthritis symptoms. Its active compound, curcumin, also has antioxidant properties that fight chronic to acute inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis. Tumeric helps the body repair worn-out cell tissues, therefore, reducing the painful effects.Scientifically, curcumin ingestion helps curb the transmission of nuclear factor-kB (NF-kB), a biological compound that causes several chronic diseases. It also suppresses the negative effects of multiple other molecules that result in inflammation.


The human body relies on Magnesium to function properly and enhance nerve impulses. It is an essential cofactor in various biochemical reactions like, gene maintenance and muscle movement. At least 60 percent of your body contains Magnesium; the blood, bones, tissues, and muscles. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent chronic pain by suppressing the inflammatory marker c-reactive protein (CRP). Also, patients with migraines are often diagnosed with Magnesium deficiency. So, using Magnesium supplements acts as pain relief during a migraine attack. Also, it helps in improving premenstrual syndrome that causes abdominal cramping.


Chamomile features as a natural remedy in various instances for its health benefits. Women who use chamomile tend to experience fewer menstrual cramps and pain. It also has anti-estrogenic properties that enhance bone density. Chamomile chemicals also effectively reduce long-term inflammation, hence, suitable for a range of health problems. It helps with arthritis, autoimmune disorders, hemorrhoids, and gastrointestinal inflammation.

White willow bark

White willow bark contains salicin, a chemical that acts as a natural aspirin to relieve pain for a quality life. It also has flavonoids whose anti-inflammatory properties help in pain relief. If you experience recurrent headaches, then the bark of a white willow might come in handy. This natural remedy is also helpful for patients with chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps, bursitis, cancer, and tendonitis. It also alleviates joint pain and may help bring down a persistent fever.

B12 Vitamin

Vitamin B12 is essential for normal body functioning as it ensures the nervous system and blood are healthy. It also supports bone health, therefore, reducing the development of osteoporosis.

Other ingredients

The Luminas pain relief patch features over 200 natural ingredients including the above remedies. The others are rosemary extract, lavender, motherwort, Boswellia, cinchona, Bioperine, frankincense ginseng, Guggulu hops, olive leaf, and clove. To boost its efficacy, Luminas also contains amino acids, omega-3, colostrum, polyphenols, proteolytic enzymes, vitamin D, etc. 

Main Benefits

Some of the advantages of using Luminas patches are:

Instant pain relief

Luminas claims that these patches offer imminent pain and inflammation relief. Unlike the common pharmaceutical alternatives, the brand asserts it’s chemical-free, so it has minimal side effects. 

Luminas has undergone various clinical trials to showcase its efficacy and efficiency. There are digital infrared thermography images on the official webpage displaying the potential effects of Luminas. Before the Luminas application, the human body shows wide white and red spots that represent pain and high body temperatures.

After using Luminas, there is a significant reduction in these spots as the skin temperature and inflammation decrease. You’ll then see green, blue, and yellow spots to show this positive health effect. 

FDA registered 

The Luminas pain relief patch is FDA registered under the Class I Medical Device category.

Trusted by various professional sportsmen and doctors

Dr. Arana Suppiah, a professional athlete physician, and Dr. Craig Davis, a pro golf tour doctor, believe that Luminas enhances recovery. It eliminates discomfort post-training and has no adverse side effects.

Various pro athletes like NBA Champion Derek Anderson, Dwight Freeney, and Justin Rose have experienced Luminas’ pain and inflammation relief effects. They endorse the patch as an effective device to increase physical performance. 


Luminas features all-natural remedies like ginger, turmeric, Magnesium, ginseng, among other ingredients. Its 200-plus supplements are chemical-free, hence, have no side effects or other downsides. 

What’s more, with Luminas pain and inflammation relief patches, you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant odor of supplements that may put you off. No rashes, no gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, or other problems. 

Innovative energy medicine technology

Luminas has had a breakthrough in its energy medicine technology that relies on quantum physics to deliver natural electronic codes. The brand takes advantage of the healing benefits of 200-plus natural remedies to relieve pain and inflammatory effects.

Social Proof

I scoured the online market to determine what Luminas pain relief patch users say and feel about the product. I visited Amazon to see the thoughts of multiple users. 

Verified Purchase
"The Luminas patches worked to relieve pain and inflammation after about 40 minutes of use."
L. Wilson

Susie J-claims that the Luminas patches help her with knee pain relief. She uses a single patch for up to 20 hours and has undergone three surgeries. After successful use, Susie claims Luminas has shown amazing results. 

Despite these reviews, some users think Luminas should improve on the patch stickiness since some tend to peel off during use.

Should you Buy this Homeopathic Patch? Is it Worth it?

Considering the growing number of scams, you need to conduct thorough research to get a reliable product. Luminas sells off several claims that may too enticing to be true, but it is. The patches are FDA registered and endorsed by several celebrities. 

It features superior quality natural ingredients and backs its claims with clinical trials. However, the company only shares infrared images that are easy to manipulate.

Regardless, the multiple positive customer reviews on various sites attest to the efficacy of Luminas patches. Nonetheless, more research and data transparency is necessary to prove the activation of electronic codes between the patches and the human skin.

For all acute and chronic pain and inflammation issues, you can get Luminas patches for pain relief as they are worth every penny. Based on the testimonials on the official webpage, it’s clear that most users are happy with what Luminas has to offer. 

Where can you Buy a Luminas Pain Patch?

Be wary when buying products online since some sellers are scams. Always go through the user reviews on the page to determine whether or not the site is reliable.

Luminas pain patches are available on different online market sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The company offers a 100 percent refund guarantee of 30-days in case of dissatisfaction. However, you'll miss out on this offer if you opt to buy the patches through these online platforms.

We advise that you order your Luminas pain and inflammation relief patches on the brand’s official webpage to be safe. This move will give you access to unlimited customer support. You'll also be able to get in touch with the company conveniently through the website's contact information. What’s more, you’ll know when newer and advanced patches are available.

Final Thoughts

Although Luminas pain and inflammation relief patches come with unique ingredients that offer natural benefits, the effects may vary among users. Scientific proof shows turmeric, ginger, Magnesium, and B-vitamin have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The patches rely on a proprietary technology that allows electronic codes of pain relief to pass through the skin and into the body. 

You should try Luminas patches if you're tired of the side effects and inefficacy of drugs and prescription medicine. However, remember that the effects of Luminas vary from one user to another.

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