Neck Hammock Review - How to Prevent Neck Pain

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October 18, 2019
Carl Browning

Neck pain is one of the most unbearable body pains anyone can endure. The condition is further escalated by the daily activities of the person. People who tend to do strenuous work are more likely to experience severe neck pains compared to people who carry out light tasks.

The Neck Hammock was invented to relieve neck pain, whether mild or chronic. In this review, we shall look at its features, price, pros, con and what makes it different from its competitors.

What Is the Neck Hammock

The neck hammock is a revolutionary invention that is known to relieve muscle in the neck area. It is designed to provide the best solution to chronic neck pains and fatigue. This saves the person the need to hire skilled chiropractors to get rid of the neck pain for them.

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Other than that, the benefits of using the neck hammock are instantaneous. As soon as the person lies on it, pressure is immediately relieved from the neck muscles, leading to a quick pain relief. This feature also makes the user to generally feel relaxed. Stress hormones in the body are therefore reduced significantly.

For the past 5 years alone, well over 60 million U.S adults have experienced chronic neck pain. The condition is usually accompanied by fatigue, which has led most of them to seek chiropractor services. This high level of statistics only goes to show how great the need is for a product that can offer the same services, but in a more convenient manner.

The neck hammock uses powerful resistance bands and the integration of gravity. This combination provides a controlled stretch which helps to facilitate the following:

  • Improving posture
  • Increasing circulation
  • Releasing pinched nerves

The brains behind this invention was Dr. Steve Suddell who is not only a physical therapist but also an athlete who understood the pain associated with straining the body too much.

What Is Good Posture?


It is commonly known that it is best to sit up straight. But, what exactly does a ‘good posture’ entail? Here is a quick test anyone can do at home to evaluate their posture.

  • Take off the shoes and stand straight against a wall
  • The heel should be approximately shoulder width apart
  • The buttocks should press firmly against the wall
  • Let your chest be free and press the shoulder blades lightly against the wall. Note that it is essential for the blades to touch the wall

If the head does not touch the wall, this means that the person has a forward position. The condition is also known as forward head position. It may prove harmful if not corrected. As a matter of fact, forward head position is one of the leading causes of chronic neck pain.

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What Causes Forward Head and How to Prevent It

Forward Head is also known as Reading Neck (caused by slouching too much while reading), Scholar’s Neck, and iHunch. Spending hours in front of a computer screen is one of the main culprits to cause neck pain. The same applies to spending too much on phone screens and even studying. People going about different tasks with their heads glued to their phones do not realize the danger that they put themselves in.

Sure, it may seem quite harmless at first. It is only after a couple of years (months, even) that they will start to experience symptoms associated with chronic neck pain.

This unnatural positioning of the neck takes a big toll on the body. For people who are not financially stable, they may be forced to live with the pain as they can neither afford chiropractor services nor gadgets such as the neck hammock. It is therefore recommended to take precautionary measures. Such include working on acquiring the right posture and avoiding spending too much time on phone screens and computers.

It is also possible for people to practice various exercises aimed at strengthening the neck muscles. Typical training programs include exercise that will improve the posture through working the muscles of the upper back together with those of the neck. However, exercises alone cannot undo the damage. One must take precautionary measures as stated earlier.

Cervical Traction

Anyone who has visited a chiropractor or physiotherapist before is familiar with the concept of cervical traction. It is one of the simple yet effective techniques aimed at relieving neck pain.

Cervical traction basically involves applying some pulling force on the neck. The aim of this is to relieve the built up pressure that was causing a strain on the muscles. The compression between the vertebrae discs is decreased while the joints and muscles get to have a nice stretch.  This method also works great with compressed nerves and improves any pain associated with that.

Since painkillers are not considered as a long term option for neck pain, the concept of cervical traction has become a favorite treatment option among many. In the past, it was obviously difficult to perform it on oneself. However, thanks to the neck hammock, it is now possible to perform a cervical traction on yourself.

Product Features

The neck hammock is the only pain relieving device with all these amazing features:

  • Portable. The device can easily fit in most medium-sized bags. Users can therefore pack it and travel with it anywhere.
  • Affordable. It costs much less than other competitors which offer the same kind of cervical traction.
  • Customizable. Users can customize the tension to suit the amount of neck pain they are feeling.
  • Comfortable. It is not necessary to use a chin strap. The padding will mold the person’s head to fit the gadget.
  • Clever design. The sleek design allows people to carry out various exercises when using the neck hammock.
  • Effective. The cervical traction has tension going up to 40 pounds. Any force above that may prove counterproductive.
  • Easy to set up. All one has to do is to wrap the strap and the lie down.

How Does it Work?

The neck hammock only requires a door or railing in order to function properly. The fabric hook should be wrapped around the back handle. The latter is normally hidden from view.

If using a pole or a rail, the fabric should be wrapped around anything that is parallel to the floor.

Next, the person should lay on the ground and keep his body straight.  The back should also be against the floor while the neck and head are cradled by the hammock. Using this technique for just 10 minutes in a day is enough for people with chronic neck pain to feel relief.

The fact that it is convenient and only requires a few minutes requires everyone to use it consistently. This is the only way they will feel any noticeable changes.

Professional athletes who have already tried the neck hammock have attested to increased feeling of muscle relaxation and decrease in general fatigue. Other regular users claim that it was so comfortable that they actually fell asleep while on it. 

What Do You Get When You Purchase the Package?

The Neck Hammock

This constitutes a strap for hanging onto the door or pole, a well-padded hammock and a bungee cord.Travel Bag

Travel Bag

The travel bag ensures a safe storage space for the bag. It is also perfect for when the person wants to travel from place to place.

Eye Mask

Just like a sleeping mask, this eye mask enables the user to have quality alone time while relieving his neck.

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

When the hammock is put in place, the fabric hook is normally hidden from view. The Do Not Disturb sign prevents any interruptions that would be brought about if the door was to be opened.

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How It’s Different From Competitors

Previously, patients who desired to get a cervical traction had to go all the way to a physiotherapist’s office. This may have been inconvenient to some people due to the distance covered. It is also expensive to regularly attend cervical traction sessions.
The above factors paved way for various organizations to come up with devices that could be used at home so as to eliminate the need for the patients to travel back and forth.

However, the major flaw in most of these devices is that they were either too bulky such that portability was a challenge, and they were also too complicated to be operated. To add on that, they were costly and posed a serious threat to anyone who did not use it as required.

Now when it comes to the Neck Hammock, everything about it is different from the traditional neck relieving devices. For starters, we cannot stress enough on the portability. This feature alone eliminated the inconvenience that was posed by conventional devices.

Its simplicity of use also prevents chances of an injury occurring. Highly effective as well, the device could easily be named as the ultimate solution to chronic neck pain and fatigue.

The Neck Hammock is Used By Many Professional Athletes

Luke Sanders is a popular MMA World Champion. When asked of his opinion on the neck hammock, this is what he said:

‘I was surprised how relaxed I was….would be ideal to use before a match to calm down and mentally prepare’

Jackie Perez, who is a Crossfit Regional & Open Athlete said:

‘This is amazing! So comfortable and relaxing’‘This is amazing! So comfortable and relaxing’

‘This is amazing! So comfortable and relaxing’

Pros and Cons


  • The effects can be felt almost immediately
  • It is lightweight
  • It is affordable compared to other devices on the market
  • It is easy to put in action
  • Its portability makes it a favorite among many


  • The device must hang onto something for it to function
  • You have to lie on the ground when you're using it

Final Thoughts


We recommend the Neck Hammock due to plenty of reasons. Simplicity of use is on top of the list. The instructions are so clear and this has ensured that people do not suffer further neck pain as a result of using the device the wrong way. Also, the fact that all you need to do is hang it behind a door while in session goes to show that very little space is required.

We recommend the Neck Hammock due to plenty of reasons. Simplicity of use is on top of the list. The instructions are so clear and this has ensured that people do not suffer further neck pain as a result of using the device the wrong way. Also, the fact that all you need to do is hang it behind a door while in session goes to show that very little space is required. It can therefore be done anywhere. However, users must make sure that whatever they hang it onto is firm and steady to prevent falling off.

Secondly, we love the efficiency. Unlike regular chiropractor sessions which may take 30 minutes or more, depending on the severity of the pain, the neck hammock only needs 10 minutes a day and the results will be noticeable as long as the person is consistent.

The face mask is definitely a plus. One reviewer stated that the level of comfort made him fall asleep. It will therefore come in handy for such users as it blocks out all the light.

I have been using the neck hammock for months now and I can truly say that my stress levels have significantly dropped and all the tension in my neck has gone. The secret is to use it as often as one can, after all, everyone should be able to take off 10 minutes off their busy schedules.

The neck hammock is a worthy investment not just for people with chronic neck pain, but also for anyone who wants to reduce stress levels and muscle tension.

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