React 7-In-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool Review

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December 10, 2020

Although we all hope we’re never involved in a life-threatening car wreck, motor vehicle crashes have been the number one cause of death in the United States for many years now. There are things you can do to be prepared though.

For many years, experts in vehicle safety have advocated carrying some kind of handy car escape device with you when you drive. Today I’m going to tell you about an awesome new emergency tool called the React.

Designed specifically for car safety, it’s a seven-in-one Swiss-army style contraption small enough to fit in your pocket yet strong enough to break you out of most vehicles. It even has a bunch of cool features that you can use in everyday situations.

Presenting the React

At first glance, the React looks like a souped-up car charger on steroids. It’s shaped like a long, jet black lightbulb and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Looking at it now, I still shake my head wondering how the manufacturer managed to fit so many clever, quality components into such a compact device.

React collage

I mentioned seven in one. Here are the seven incredibly useful features found in your React tool:

  1. A seatbelt cutter with a sharp blade tucked away in a safe sidebar that makes easy to cut a seatbelt and hard to cut yourself
  2. A window breaker made from a spring-loaded steel spike hidden behind the car plug
  3. A long-range siren that you can use to create an attention-grabbing ruckus to attract help at the flip of a switch
  4. An SOS beacon that flashes bright red, the universal color of distress, to signal your emergency over long distances
  5. An intense LED flashlight with a low mode for everyday night use and a high mode that can send shocks of light for miles
  6. A car charger with USB and micro-USB ports using SmartSpeed technology that can power up most USB devices in a pinch
  7. A portable power bank made from a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that can keep your phone or other USB device running even if your engine dies

Here are some pros and cons of keeping a React on hand with you wherever you go.


Great for Everyday Situations – Even if you are fortunate enough to never be in an emergency situation, your React’s simpler features can come in handy for road trips, night driving and even your daily city commute.

Crucial for Vehicle Emergencies – Don’t wait till it’s too late to wish you had one.

Less Worrying – With your React on hand, you never have to feel anxious about finding yourself in a worst-case scenario on the road, because you know you are prepared with the right tools for almost any car crisis.

React Quickly – There’s a reason this tool is called the React. In a life-threatening car accident, you may only have seconds to react. Your React can help you utilize those precious seconds to get you out of danger as fast as possible without wasting any time.

Night Owl Safety – If you travel or work at night, the low and high flashlight modes can help you move around safely or find things in the dark, and the red strobe beacon can help other drivers steer clear if you get caught on a narrow road shoulder.

That Fully-Charged-Phone Feeling – There’s nothing like the sweet peace of mind that comes from a fully-charged phone. The React’s car charger and power bank combo can keep your phone at 100% whether you’re in or out of your vehicle.

Light and Portable – Vehicle safety doesn’t have to be clunky. The lightbulb-sized React is easy to keep close to you at all times and won’t weigh you down. You can keep it in your pocket, purse or cigarette lighter around the clock and hardly notice it’s there until you desperately need it.

Be the Superhero in Your Friends’ and Loved Ones’ Stories – The React doubles as a cool stocking stuffer and a useful way to tell your loved ones that you care about their safety. When you give the React as a gift, you make your inner circle a little safer. You ensure that if your friends ever do have a car emergency, you could be what made the difference between a tragedy and a happy ending.

Help Others in Need – You never know when your React might turn you into the stranger on the road who becomes an angel for someone stranded and desperate for help.


Car Emergencies Only – Your React can give you peace of mind in a vehicle nightmare, but it can’t start a fire or skin a deer. Other kinds of emergencies need their own specific multi-purpose tools.

No USB-C – Most devices will charge fine with the React’s USB and micro-USB ports, but if you have a USB-C device with a USB-C to USB-C cable only, you’ll need an adaptor.

Not Waterproof – If your vehicle and React tool become submerged, the React can do its job and get you out of the car with no problem, but the power bank will most likely no longer charge your phone.

How to Use Your React

react review

Your React needs to be in a place where you can access it quickly in a car emergency, that’s why the manufacturers have made it so compact. At only about 5 inches long and weighing just under 4 ounces, it’s small and light enough to keep close to you when you’re driving.

The niftiest, cleverest contraption won’t do you any good if you can’t reach it. Even the glove box might be too far away in an unexpected dangerous situation, and your vehicle’s trunk may as well be the moon. Some of my friends keep theirs on their keychain with their keys. I prefer to keep mine in my car, either on the dashboard, in the driver’s side window pocket or tucked into the car charger port.

Car safety experts have a list of recommendations for how to use the more dangerous emergency features of this tool. For instance, they say when using it to break window glass, try to wear gloves. In my opinion, it would be a weird emergency that rushes you to break a window but gives you plenty of time to put on some gloves.

One simple thing you can do to make breaking a window safer is to close your eyes and look away at the moment of impact. This will prevent glass from getting on your face and in your eyes.

Try to avoid hitting the center of the window, because you can end up pushing your hand through the window space and accidentally cutting yourself. It’s better to impact a low window corner, about 4 inches from the edge.

Features and Benefits

1. Seatbelt Cutter

react seatbelt cutter

Don’t let your protection become your cage. When I have my React in reach, I always know it will only take a few quick motions to free myself from a jammed seatbelt.

The React’s seatbelt cutter attachment is tucked in a triangular pocket sheath made to fit seatbelts and only seatbelts. It looks a bit like a guitar pick on the side of the car charger. It isn’t easy to jam anything else in there except for the side of a seatbelt, so you won’t have to worry about your kids’ fingers.

2. Window Breaker

react window breaker

Another part that tends to get jammed in a car wreck is the windows. If you can’t open the door and the window won’t roll down, your only way out may be to break the window glass.

The techies that made this contraption figured out a way to pack a powerful punch into the smallest possible area. It’s so powerful that you don’t need to be. They figured out that if you tap the lower corner of a regular car window with this solid steel spike, even a child can escape from a broken car.

3. Long-Range Siren

react long range siren

When seeing isn’t an option, such as in poor viewing conditions or a steep incline, the React can help out using hearing. It comes with a little speaker that can project a big noise.

The siren’s button is actually a switch that stays on even if you stop pressing it. That means you can turn it on and hope for the best while you use the React’s other tools to tend to immediate dangers.

4. SOS Beacon

react sos red light

Not that there’s any good time to get into car trouble, but night times are the worst for emergencies. If something happens to me on the road, or even if I just want to pull over and look at the stars, I can switch on the flashing red light of my React’s beacon and put it several feet behind my car.

Then I know that upcoming drivers will notice me and even stop if I look like I need help. I like the intermittent red that signals caution and tells them to keep an eye out for danger.

5. LED Flashlight

react flashlight

The SOS beacon can change into a regular flashlight if you need a steady beam to help you see in the dark. What’s cool about the React’s flashlight is that it works together with the other emergency tools. You can’t cut yourself free of your seatbelt if you don’t know where it is, and it's harder to smash through your jammed window if you can’t see it.

I’ll admit, sometimes I use my React’s flashlight in non-emergency situations like when my candy rolls under the seat. It’s usually quick enough to stick to the 10-second rule.

6. Car Charger

react car charger

Not only can you keep your devices flush with power when you’re driving, but I recommend you keep your React in your car charger at all times. That’s where I keep mine.

Think about it, you can plug in your phone so your map app doesn’t drain it dry. Even when you don’t need to plug anything in, the car charger slot is always an arm’s length away from the driver. You won’t have to remember to put in your pocket when you go for a drive. It’s closer than the glove box, and more comfortable than keeping it in your shoe.

7. Power Bank

react power bank

When your car charger doesn’t work or your engine won’t turn on, the React also works as a portable power bank. You can keep it charged just in case you need a few extra volts to get through a particularly power-hungry day. If you keep the bank full of power, you’ll always know you have precious extra hours of battery life if an emergency comes up.

You can also fill the battery up and slip your React in your pocket or purse so you can charge outside your car. Just remember to put it back in your car when you’re done.

What Users Say

Not only is the React handy, it’s pretty popular too. Here is one of the raving reviews from a satisfied customer:

Where to Buy and Does It Have a Money-back Guarantee?

The manufacturers of React are dedicated to minimizing risk in your life. They’ve announced they’re giving customers a 30-day risk-free window where you can return the device and get your money back if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Click here to see the best deal on a React emergency tool.


It doesn’t look like the dangers of driving are going away any time soon. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.

The React has all the necessary components to free you from things in your car that may block your exit as well as get you out of the car itself. It can help you warn other drivers of danger and even help you alert the authorities.

This multi-purpose tool checks all the right boxes and gets my spidey sense tingling in a good way. Get one today, or you may wish you had.

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