ScreenKlean Review 2020 - Clean Your Screens And Wipe Germs Away!

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October 14, 2019
Adam Moreno

"ScreenKlean is an awesome technology that not only cleans your screen but also fights germs – It’s so good that NASA actually uses it! "

I find it kind of funny that we all buy devices that are so expensive with amazing looking screens but use our shirts to wipe them clean. I’m guilty of doing it myself, cannot count how many times I’ve simply wiped my phone on my jeans to make the screen clean.

If I’m feeling fancy I’d use a cloth or some cheap screen cleaning spray to clean my laptop screen. The only problem is, these methods are not only ineffective but also leave bacteria on your screens.

Of course, that will wipe away the grime and make your screen look cleaner than before but what about the germs and micro-abrasions left behind?

Half of the time our super AMOLED HD SUPER DUPER screen looks bad because of the smudges and grime on it. We just spent around 1000 dollars on a smartphone because it has the latest screen to offer and we clean it with a dirty piece of random cloth. That’s not the way to go honestly and the people behind ScreenKlean know that.

ScreenKlean actually has people talking about how we clean our screens. It is a new carbon-based molecular cleaning pad that cleans your screen. By clean I mean actually grab the dust, oil, and fingerprints and wipes them away. That’s not all, it is capable of cleaning up bacteria as well!

I was skeptical like most people until I saw my friend use it on his device. I was sold instantly. Sure a microfiber cloth and spray can get the job done but one swipe with the ScreenKlean had his screen looking brand new! You simply cannot compare these both at all.

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What Is ScreenKlean?

ScreenKlean is a patented carbon molecular technology that works like a magnet for dirt, fingerprints, and grime. That’s not all, it actually grabs hold of the dirt and completely removes it from your screen. A typical cloth would only move around the dirt and smudge it around on the screen.

All you need is one swipe from the ScreenKlean and your screen will be looking like it was just taken out of the box. ScreenKlean has the capability to leave your screen looking brand spanking new every time you use it!

The best part? It can work on any screen! From laptops to TVs and from smartphones to tablets, anything with a screen can be cost-effective with this nifty gadget.

A typical smartphone carries a ton of germs and bacteria, ScreenKlean naturally grabs bacteria on your screen and takes it away. This is called true innovation for sure!

I also learned that NASA actually uses this technology themselves! I mean if NASA can trust it, so can I right?

How Does ScreenKlean Work?

ScreenKlean uses a smart carbon molecule-based technology. Basically, it has microscopic bristles that trap dirt, oil and grim in it and whisks it away from your screen. All you need to do is wipe ScreenKlean on the screen and the rest is taken care of by itself.

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How Can You Clean The ScreenKlean?

ScreenKlean comes with its docking station which is also called the recharging station. Simply slide it inside and it will get cleaned automatically. This means when you take it out for the next cleaning, it will be ready for duty.

Where Does The Dirt Go?

It goes with the ScreenKlean and away from your screen. Then it is dumped in the recharging station. This action can be repeated several times before you need to replace the ScreenKlean anyways.

Why Can’t A Micro-Cloth Do This?

Because it lacks the patented carbon molecule technology that actually grabs the dirt and oil and takes it away instead of smearing it again and again. Microfiber cloths while better than regular ones still leave micro-scratches on the screen which actually diminish the quality over time!

How to Get ScreenKlean?

You can get it from their official ScreenKlean Website.

They are also offering 2 free pads when you purchase 3 as well as free shipping, which is an awesome deal.

The ScreenKlean makes for a great casual gift too, simply purchase the extra ones and give them to their loved ones. This is how I got my first one as well.

Final Thoughts

ScreenKlean is a revolutionary way of cleaning our screen germ-free and it works super well. I for one am never going back to the dark ages of rubbing clothes on a screen myself.

The ScreenKlean is not only cost-effective but also helps in keeping your screen dirt and germ-free! It is a win-win situation.

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