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July 6, 2020

Are you worried about the radiation emitted from modern devices?

You are not alone. For a long time now, I have harbored the fear that my phone, computer, cell networks, and WiFi are doing so much harm to me and my children.

These devices produce a powerful source of radiation called Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Until I saw a petition from international scientists to the UN seeking more elaborate EMF exposure protection guidelines, I never knew the magnitude of the risk posed by EMFs.

smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection is one of the devices that minimize the risk of exposure. Here is its full review.

smartDOT on a console

Considerations Before Buying a Radiation Protection Sticker

From the petition signed by international scientists, more than 190 scientists from 39 countries warned of the long term effects of radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). That was back in 2015 before the Internet of Things, Blockchain and other technologies graced the devices we use today. The radiation from these devices is more than it was a few years back.

The problem with EMFs is that children absorb up to 10X more than adults – a fact that might have contributed to the rising cases of childhood cancer. Since 1975, when EMF devices gained popularity, the rate of childhood cancer has increased by 27 percent. This is not to say that adults are not at risk as the radiation can penetrate their skull too.

To reduce the risks of radiation exposure, a Radiation Protection Sticker such as smartDOT comes in handy. You need a radiation protection device if you are worried of the effects of radiation from the devices you use every day. As long as you have a device that uses wireless connection from your phone, TV, laptop, WiFi router, IoT devices, and much more, you face the risk of radiation exposure.

Even if you cannot feel the radiation penetrating or you have not seen its effects, it is present and might cause health problems in the future.

What should you look for when shopping for EMF protection sticker?

  • Size and Weight – Because you will be attaching the sticker to your phone and other devices, you need a unit that is not bulky. A small and lightweight sticker is better as it does not add any significant weight to your phone.
  • Mode of Operation – The radiation protection stickers are either metal or magnetic strips that retune or rearrange the EMF radiation so that the radiation that reaches you is almost negligible. Choosing metallic or magnetic is a matter of personal choice. However, ensure it is not so large that it blocks the EMFs that your body needs for optimal functioning.
  • Adhesive – You need a sticker that attaches permanently so you do not lose it after a few days of using your phone.
  • Color – If color matters to you, choose a sticker that bears a color that matches your phone or any other device.

Introducing the smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection

smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection is a magnetic disc that bears Phi energy. The device interacts with the low level radiation produced by the devices we love, returning the EMF radiation directly at the source. By returning or harmonizing the EMFs, the disc ensures they are no longer harmful to our bodies by the time we absorb them.

It is a small circular sticker with strong adhesive that attaches to the surface of your devices. This device will help you if you are worried of the effects that radiation might have on your health. Unless you live in a forest with no devices, you will need this small disc.

Pros and Cons of smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection


  • Lightweight disc that sticks anywhere on your favorite device
  • The unit uses high quality material for frequency shielding
  • The sticker lasts a lifetime and you will never need to replace it
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • String adhesive so you will never lose the device


  • You cannot use one adhesive for two devices as it sticks on your device permanently
  • There are many duplicate products and you may never know the original – buy from product official website or trusted online seller
  • Takes longer to ship, can take up to two weeks
smartDOT on a wifi router

Features and Benefits

Magnetic Disc

There are two ways to retune EMFs; using metallic or magnetic barriers. These two barriers work because electromagnetic fields contain both electric and magnetic fields with charges. The metal or magnet disturbs the flow of the electromagnetic fields and displaces the charge.

Because EnergyDots realize that your body still needs the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields, they use a small magnetic disc that only disturbs the EMFs from your device. This way, your body still gets the natural EMFs while the EMFs from your device are rearranged at the source.

The smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection disc is similar to the magnetic strip on credit card. It absorbs and then retunes the radiation from electronic devices and household appliances.

Small and Lightweight

Besides the fact that you need a unit that only rearranges radiation from your devices – without messing up with natural electromagnetic fields – you also need a unit that is light on your devices. smartDOT has a diameter of 1.338 inches, which means it will fit perfectly at the back of your phone and on small spaces on other devices. It has a thickness of 0.0039 inches and weighs 0.00275 pounds. Granted, the thickness and the weight are almost negligible. This is important for your mobile devices – phone, tablet, and laptop, as you want them as light as possible.

Strong Adhesive and Ease of Use

You do not need any special skills to connect the smartDOT radiation protection since it does not require any connections. To use, peel the adhesive backing and attach it anywhere on your wireless device. It works irrespective of the position so you can place it at the back, front, top, or bottom of the device and it will work just fine.

Be sure where you stick it because the adhesive is strong. You may not be able to remove the sticker later. This is advantageous as you do not want to lose the sticker during the day when using your phone.

Excellent Finish and Beautiful Patterns

The smartDOT sticker has a smooth finish that does not scratch even after many years of use. Its smooth finish coupled with its low profile makes it seamlessly attach and feel like it is part of your devices. If you love bright colors, the smartDOT features orange and white patterns that add to the aesthetics of your device. Anyone who has never heard of radiation protection sticklers will think this is a piece of decoration.

Uses Revolutionary Quantum Technology

smartDOT does not feature any ordinary magnetic strip. The unit uses revolutionary quantum technology, which is considered the gold standard in EMF protection. Granted, you will never have to replace the magnetic disc throughout the life of your device. Each unit lasts indefinitely and its performance does not waver.

Works with All Wireless Devices

You can use this disc on all EMF emitting devices starting with your smartphone, Wi-Fi routers, tablets, smart meters, TV, baby monitor, computers, and game consoles among others. You need to place a disc on each of these devices for effective performance since the unit absorbs and retunes the radiation at the source. Luckily, EnergyDots gives you an offer when you buy these dots in bulk – the more you buy, the cheaper the discs. If you want more than a few discs, buy a pack of five and you will save a lot of money.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have experienced severe electro-stress including headaches, mood swings, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, general body weakness, aches and pains, concentration problems, and depression, smartDOT might help you. If these symptoms result from electro-stress retuning the EMFs produced by your wireless devices should help alleviate them. EnergyDots promises 90-day money-back no-questions-asked guarantee. If you do not see any improvement on your electro-stress and you do not have any other health condition, you can return the sticker and get your money back. The return policy is seamless but I doubt you will ever need to return the sticker.

Great Pricing

You might find buying one smartDOT disc expensive. However, the company reduces the price if you buy in bulk. A pack of two or a pack of five smartDOT discs comes in cheaper than a pack of one. Instead of buying for each of your devices individually, buy in bulk and enjoy great savings. Again, watch out for discounts and shipping offers that EnergyDots might occasionally present.

smartDOT on a laptop

Social Proof

I wanted to see what users think of the smartDOT sticker so I searched the internet for reviews. From the hundreds of reviews I read, users are happy with the performance of the unit. Most claimed to have experienced reduced cases of electro-stress and others are happy that they feel safe with the sticker on their wireless devices. Users also love the compact and lightweight design of the sticker that does not add to the weight of their mobile devices.

Below are a few screenshots of what users had to say:

smartDOT review
smartDOT review
smartDOT review
smartDOT review


GOGOSODU EMF Protection Sticker

The GOGOSODU EMF Protection Sticker is similar to the smartDOT in many ways. It is a circular disc that attaches on your wireless devices. It uses smart magnet strips to absorb and transforms EMFs into a harmless form without interfering with the signals from your devices. However, it is different in some parts:

  • GOGOSODU designed this for mobile devices only and not for home appliances unlike the smartDOT which works on all wireless devices.
  • It comes in a black color with silver dots. The construction might be different but it still looks great on your devices.

Check out the GOGOSODU EMF Protection Sticker here.

LLSME 6-Pack EMF Protection Sticker

The LLSME EMF Protection Sticker is another circular disc that transforms EMFs into harmless forms for your health. It looks like a gold collector’s coin stuck on your mobile devices and all other electronic devices. How is it different from smartDOT?

  • It uses a protection film and negative ion film that neutralizes the positive ions from your devices, making them harmless.
  • It sports a gold finish that makes it look like a coin.

Besides these two differences, the disc alleviates the symptoms of electro-stress such as headaches and sleeplessness. It is also slim and lightweight for use on all devices.

Check it out here.

PureGoods 10-Pack EMF Protection Sticker

The sticker works the same as most of the other stickers by emitting negative ions to neutralize the positive ions from electronic devices. Unlike the smartDOT:

  • It features a square construction that sticks on any part of your wireless devices, making it easy to use.
  • It sports a black exterior with a smooth finish.

There is not much different in the mode of operation or how you use this device. It also has a compact size and a slim profile so it does not add weight to your devices.

Check it out here.

Quanthor 360-Round EMF Protection Shield

The Quanthor 360-Round claims to use Tesla Technology to protect you from EMF/EMR radiation from all wireless electronic devices. The Tesla Technology might make it sound different, but it works the same as all the others by generating negative ions that counteract the positive ions from your wireless devices.

  • It is a round device with magnet and WiFi symbols on it.
  • It is made of rare metals with special oxides to provide better-quality magnetic properties

You can check out the product here.



If you suffer electro-stress, a radiation protection sticker might be a good option for you. Electro-stress gives you a sickly feeling where in most cases you have headaches you cannot explain. Even if you do not suffer from electro-stress, using electronic devices exposes you to health risks that might haunt you later in life. By using a radiation protection sticker, you are sure your family is safe.

The smartDOT sticker uses a proven technology, sports a slim profile, and is easy to use. These factors make it an ideal unit for anyone looking for protection.

You can check out the smartDOT radiation protection here.

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