TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless & LED Light Speaker Review - ” Looks like a tiki torch, but cooler! “

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July 2, 2020

Being honest: I ordered TikiTunes because of its looks. With a layout stimulated via a tiki torch, this Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with LED Atmospheric Lighting Effect is drastically higher searching than your average, boxy, black option.

It’s no longer the first time I’ve chosen structure over function, so I used to be looking forward to there to be some negotiations. I’m nonetheless ready for them to appear. So far, Tiki Tunes has handed my expectations in each and every way. How can a product that appears this appropriate additionally work this well?

It can produce strong, clear music. They also let you use your devices to stream the music. There are many different kinds of audio devices on the market, but not all of them are good quality or attractive to look at.

What do you need to consider before you buy a Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth Strength

Bluetooth technology is not new. The older versions of Bluetooth come with multiple faults. Most often, the Bluetooth of older models of audio devices is too weak to keep the connection. When you look at the different Bluetooth speakers, make sure they offer you the latest in Bluetooth technology.

The more advanced the Bluetooth, the less likely you are to have problems keeping your devices and the audio devices working together. You should find a sound device that gives you at least Bluetooth 4.0 thought 5.0 is better.

Waterproof & Dust Proof

Having a waterproof auditory system can help you to extend the lifespan of the soundbox. Waterproof rating varies depending on the level of protection you want. The more waterproof the unit is, the higher the rating it will have and be better able to withstand accidents. The accidents can include spills or accidentally leaving it outside in a rainstorm.


Compatibility between the audio equipment and your device is crucial for streaming your music. The speaker you select should work with Android and Apple systems. If you can find one that is compatible with both, then you will not need to worry about your devices not working with the audio systems.


The design of your audio port should match your personality. There are different types of designs. You can look around for one that has the design you want to fit your personality and home.


The range of the auditory system is important if you plan to use the speaker around your house. Most of them work at a range of around thirty feet from the source of the music. Make sure the speaker is strong enough to give you the range you want.

What is TikiTunes?

Listening to music is a pastime of people young and old. TikiTunes is a way to enjoy your music outdoors and indoors. Designed like a lantern, you can pair the speakers with your devices to stream your music. Bluetooth ready; the phonic device can add cool sound to your patio party.

Producing high-quality sound, you can enjoy pure notes with a good base for hours. The device is wireless. It comes with a two thousand mAh battery so that you can stream music for six to ten hours uninterrupted. Anyone can use the speaker as it can sync with Apple and Android systems or an off-brand cell phone.

You can purchase one TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker or multiples of it. You can sync them together to create a surround sound feeling inside and outside your home. The sleek black and gold design helps it look like a burning candle with music streaming through the carefully hidden auditory apparatus.

TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Tiki Tunes Pros

  • The apparatus has a very attractive flickering flame design.
  • You can easily recharge your speaker using a USB cable.
  • The gadget is easy for anyone to use.

Tiki Tunes Cons

  • You can only buy Tikitunes online.
  • The speaker is IP65 waterproof, meaning you cannot submerge it and have it keep working.
  • The best deal for the speakers is to buy multiple speakers.

What are the Main Features of TikiTunes?

Ambient LED Flame

The unique design of Tikitunes helps it stand out from other Bluetooth speakers. You don't even need to know it is a hearing device because of its Tiki Torch design. Built-in Led lights flicker like a real fire, which creates the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a patio party with friends.

Long Battery Life

Tikitunes comes with a two thousand Amp Hour battery. The battery can let you stream your music for six to ten hours, depending without interruption. When the batteries start to run low, you can recharge them using a micro USB cable that plugs into a wall socket, car or computer.

IP65 Rating

The IP65 rating indicates the equipment is resistant to damage from water and dust. With a tight seal around the speaker, you won't need to worry about leaving your TikiTunes speaker around your home or outside, and it taking damage. The tight seal ensures the technology is safe and continues to stream your music.

High-Quality Sound

A lot of Bluetooth audio devices will stream your music, but it will sound tinny or weak. The TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker produces a full range of sounds at peak quality. Even low bass notes are perfect reproductions of quality notes.

You will be surprised at the range of sound the device can produce for being so little. Every high note reaches the peaks, while you can feel the low notes in your bones.


Compatibility is important for most devices to function properly. You can use your Android or Apple devices with the system and still have the same great quality. You will not need to worry about Smartphone compatibility when you stream music through your TikiTunes Speaker.

Strong Bluetooth

Some Bluetooth connections are weak and drop your devices. The TikiTunes speaker uses the latest Bluetooth software to run, so you don't need to worry about breaks in your music.

Pair Multiple TikiTunes Speakers

What makes the TikiTunes Speaker amazing is its ability to sync seamlessly with other TikiTunes speakers. You can use them to create a house and yard full of music. The auditory technology syncs effortlessly together for a complete surround- sound experience.

Easy to Use

The Bluetooth speaker is extremely easy for everyone to use. The buttons on the device are large and easy for fingers of all kinds to push. The buttons are regular buttons, so anyone from children up through non-techy adults can easily use the device.

Completely Wireless

The Bluetooth wireless speakers are completely wireless in their design. You will not need to connect any cords to walls or outlets for the mechanism to work. The appliance will produce smooth, rechargeable battery power without the need for you to send wires around your home.


The gadget is small and decorative on the outside. The appearance makes the machine attractive. The size makes the apparatus portable around you home and to outside locations.

Long-Distance Use

After you sync your phone to the TikiTunes speaker, you have a maximum distance of up to thirty feet for all audio units you buy. You can use the audio devices all over your home as long as they are at least thirty feet apart.


Most types are expensive when you want to purchase them. The Tiki Tunes is very cost-effective for individual audio devices. The best deal is for multiples you can put around your home. You can even get some for free if you place your order through the main distributor webpage.

What do Buyers of TikiTunes Bluetooth Speakers Think?

Buyers of the TikiTunes speakers love the sound the audio device produces. They also love the appearance of the appliance. The flickering light is a nice touch for all kinds of people.

Buyers also love that that you can use batteries with the TikiTunes speakers that you can recharge. The buyers love that they do not need cables to get the speakers running.

"Purchased 5 for my family members. The sound quality is really good, the ambient light is a nice touch, the overall look of the speaker is very nice and it’s easy to sync. Very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends." Liz Walker

"Love that it comes w/usb charger – no batteries to worry about & long lasting charge… 1st time we used after full charge we played music for 8-9 hours straight & it was still going when turned off (did not expect it to last so long – what a pleasant surprise) … Bonus … Love the ambiance of the “flickering flame” usable with or w/out music … Hope to be able to order more in future – would be Fun to have several synced together for gatherings … Highly Recommend." Pepper

What are alternatives to TikiTunes?

#1 World's Best Waterproof Bluetooth Suction Speaker

The World's Best Waterproof Bluetooth Suction Speaker is a colorful audio unit that produces smooth Bluetooth connectivity. The device has a long battery life that lets you list for up to ten hours before you need to recharge. It takes only three hours to recharge the Bluetooth speakers.

The design of the gadget comes with a suction cup that you can attach to glass or a smooth surface such as ceramic. The audio unit is attractive, with an LED display that is one hundred percent waterproof. The audio device has an IPX67 waterproof rating that allows the appliance to be fully submerged for thirty minutes in at least three feet of water.

The device comes with a built-in FM radio; the TikiTunes speaker does not have FM radio. Both units let you sync your devices with the devices so that you can play your music through the portable sound appliance. The TikiTunes speaker mimics fire in its design. The Bluetooth Waterproof gadget has a multi-color Bluetooth display that displays color as you play your music.

You can use the Waterproof device in the bathroom because of the IPX67 rating. You can also use the TikiTunes speaker in the bathroom because of the IP65 rating. It cannot tolerate submersion in water like the Waterproof audio device.

The Waterproof hardware is an appliance for the individual to use whiles the clean or shower. The TikiTunes comes in groups as well as individuals. The design of the waterproof tool is more a good choice for anyone who needs a more generic Bluetooth speaker.

#2 LED Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker with Light, Portable Black Wireless Speaker

The LED Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker with Light, Portable Black Wireless Speaker is a beautifully designed globe LED Bluetooth audio device. The system syncs light and audio so that you can watch the LED lights pulse in time with your music. All the music you stream produces a stimulating light that makes the experience fun as well as musical.

A built-in rechargeable battery comes in the Disco device that lasts for up to eight hours while using just the audio portion. It lasts up to six hours when you sync your music with the lights. The audio device produces a strong bass sound that produces a fifteen-watt audio output. Your devices connect seamlessly to your phone or device using a strong Bluetooth connection.

The disco sound producer is very similar to the TikiTunes speaker in its ability to entertain as well be long-lasting. Both listening devices come with a two thousand mAh Li-ion battery that lets you listen to music for up to ten hours. Both devices also recharge using a regular USB cable.

The disco device is a good choice for teenagers or people that like to through small personal parties. The TikiTunes speaker is more for adults or anyone that likes to entertain regularly. The Tikitunes Speaker is more waterproof than the Disco audio listening device, so do not leave the Disco device anywhere it can get wet.

#3 Bluetooth Speakers, BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Shower Speaker

The Bluetooth Speakers, BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Shower Speaker, is a portable Bluetooth unit. The unit comes with a large digital display that makes it easy to use and program. You can stream music through the audio ports or listen to the FM radio.

Using the audio causes the built-lights to work—a halo of Led light pulses along with the music. You can program the colors of the gadget to seven different romantic colors or lock a single color so that you can enjoy music and a show.

The audio device is IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can submerge the appliance for thirty minutes in three feet of water without it taking damage. A removable suction cup lets you use the audio in the shower or smooth surface. The appliance uses Bluetooth 5.0, so you will have a strong connection between your device and the audio.

The Basspal speaker is a generic digital audio device you can use in the shower or during cleaning. The TikiTunes speaker has a flickering flame design, whereas the Basspal uses pulsing lights. The difference in design is up to the listener to enjoy. The Basspal speaker is a good choice for an industrial setting or teenagers, whereas the TikiTunes speaker is more elegant in design.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth units are good things to use around your home. They help to make your home into a hub of music. They also make it easy to entertain or enjoy your music collection. The Tiki Tunes Portable Bluetooth devices can produce the quality sound you want at a price that is competitive within the market.

Tiki Tunes comes with a strong, rechargeable battery. It also has the design of fire, which makes it attractive. For more information about the TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Please follow the link.

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