XY Find It (XY4+) Tracker Review & Buyer's Guide - Never Lose Important Items Ever Again

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July 21, 2019

What Is The XY Find It Tracker?

In this modern world, with our hectic lifestyles and so many different responsibilities and things to think about, it's easy to lose track of the little things. Statistics show that we can spend up to 10 minutes every single day looking for lost items like our keys, phone, purses, wallets, and more. A few decades ago, little tracking devices started to come out to help people find their misplaced items. The XY Find It Tracker is the next level up from those devices.

Rather than using old and outdated technology, the XY Find It Tracker is an up-to-date, modern gadget making the most of the latest technological advancements, like Bluetooth,  effectively keeping an eye on your belongings for you. With this tracker attached to your valuables and personal possessions, you won't have to worry about losing them and spending lots of time looking around for them anymore.

Small enough to fit on most items and in bags of all sizes, the XY uses low amounts of energy, is made from highly durable synthetic materials, and is available for a one-time payment, with no further fees required after the initial purchase. It works perfectly for keeping track of things like keys and phones, and is available in a range of colors too, letting you spot it from a distance. Those preferring a more subtle and subdued tone can choose a black tracker also.

How Does XY Work?

How XY works

The XY Find It Tracker is a little hexagonal-shaped device, small enough to fit into any bag or compartment with total ease. You can place it in containers or wherever you like, and it also comes with a little keyring-style loop, easily attaching to purses, wallets, keyrings, electronic cases, and other compatible items.

To use the tracker, you place it on or near the items you want to track and then pair it up with an app on your phone. From there, there are four key features of the XY4+ for you to know about.

The first feature lets you load up the app, tap a button, and “find” the tracker. It will start to emit a little song of beeping sounds, making it easy to find and identify, even if it’s buried at the bottom of a bag. The device works within 300 feet, so as long as you’re in the vicinity of the tracker, you’ll have no problem finding it.

The second feature of the tracker is the same as the first but in reverse. Let's say you know where the tracker is, but you can't find your phone. In this situation, you can activate the button on top of the tracker, and your phone will start to ring, letting you find wherever you placed it.

The third feature of the XY4+ is tracking memory. This means that the app can keep a log of where the tracker was at any one time, so if you really can't find it, the app will give you an indication of where precisely the tracker was last seen. Even when you're not using the app, it keeps an eye on the tracker and stores the data in case you need it.

Finally, the last features of this tracker are GPS searching. If you ever lose your tracker and really can't find it, you can use the app to mark it as "Lost," and that opens up the search to other XY users. If they come across the tracker, they'll be able to find it for you.

So, with the XY tracker, you get all of these great features, plus a battery that lasts for five years!

Getting Started

The first step of getting started with your XY tracker is to attach it to whatever object you want to track or put it in whatever bag or case you don't want to lose. Next, you'll need to download the official app onto your smartphone and sync the tracker up with Bluetooth. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it's free.

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you can open it up and make your free account. Next, you'll need to hit the "+" button in the app and then tap on "Claim Your XY." The pairing process will start once you press the XY button on the tracker, and it will begin to beep to show that the synchronization process is in operation.

Once this process has been completed, your tracker will have been successfully hooked up to your smartphone. You can then enter a name for the item you're tracking and even add a picture too, which can be very helpful if you ever lose track of the tracker.

A Small But Mighty Tracker

The XY4+ is only a tiny device, but it's got a lot of technological firepower under the hood and helps you find lost or misplaced items with ease. With the free XY Find It app installed on your smartphone, recovering your lost items becomes so simple. You can find almost anything in a matter of seconds with this device, and it's all super easy to set up and use, so you don't need any experience or technical expertise.

Use The KeepNear Feature For Added Security

Wouldn't it be great if we never had to worry about losing anything at all, especially our most prized and valuable possessions? Usually, that wouldn't be possible, but with the KeepNear feature of the XY4+, it is! This feature lets you keep track of your items by letting you know when you're getting further away.

The XY Find It Tracker is one of the best Bluetooth key finders on the market right now. These little trackers are growing in popularity as people realize just how useful they can be. We waste a lot of minutes every day, adding up to hours over a typical year, looking for items we've forgotten about, but the XY4+ can save you so much time, and it's so easy to use. Is it any surprise that the tracking device market is on track to valuing close to $3 billion by the year 2023? Devices like the XY4+ have got a bright future ahead and can offer so many advantages to every user, all at a great price.

Key Features Of The XY4+

An Extra Loud Alarm (112 Decibels)

When compared to the competition, the XY4+ is 4x louder! It lets you hear the beeps from further away and find things more easily.

A Massive Range (300 Feet)

In terms of range, the XY4+ also outperforms its closest competitors, offering 1.5x the range, making this device even more useful.

Super Long Battery Life (5 Years)

You definitely won't need to worry about replacing the battery any time soon when choosing the XY4+.

Find Your Phone Feature

The XY4+ works in reverse, letting you find your phone as well as other devices.

Change The Battery

Some devices wear out and force you to buy a replacement, but the XY4+ comes with a replaceable battery, so you won't need to buy another device.

KeepNear™ Feature

The super-smart KeepNear feature alerts you when you're getting far away from your items, so you'll never even lose them in the first place.

FREE Subscription (No Fees At All)

With the XY4+, you'll only have to pay the initial cost of the device itself, with no extra fees to think about.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The XY4+ easily pairs up with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.

A Fully Free App

As stated, there are no hidden fees or additional charges with this device. Even the accompanying app is free.

60 Day Guarantee With Full Refunds

You get two whole months (60 days) to test out the XY4+ after buying it. If you aren't happy, you can return the device for a full refund.

2 Year Protection

Not only do you get a 60-day trial, but you'll also get a 2-year warranty, with free repairs or replacements if your device suffers a fault or failure.

Common Questions And Answers

Can I Track In Real-Time?

The XY4+ app is always running and keeping track of your devices. So even when you don't have the app open and aren't actively searching for your tracker, the app will still make regular checks and record its last known location. Plus, with the free Crowd GPS feature, you can get the help of more than a million other users to find your tracker.

Is It Worth The Money?

Look at it this way: imagine how much money you might lose if you lost track of your house keys, your car keys, your wallet, or other valuable personal possessions? Hundreds or even thousands of dollars could be lost, but the XY4+ prevents all of that by keeping track of the items you need. It has better volume, wider range, stronger battery life, and a lot more features than rival devices and is available at a very affordable price. We'd say it's definitely worth the money! It offers amazing value.

Invest Today And Enjoy Total Peace Of Mind!

Did you know that the average American will spend about two and a half days of the year looking around for lost and misplaced items? Imagine what else you could do with all that time and how much better it would be to spend it with your friends or family, exercising or enjoying your hobbies.

Having a tracking device like the XY4+ on your valuable items ensures you never have to worry about all that wasted time ever again, letting you quickly and reliably find lost items in a matter of seconds.

Invest today in the XY4+ and start saving time and enjoying the total peace of mind that comes from knowing your devices are never too far away and can easily be found with just a tap of your smartphone screen. Act now and never lose your valuables!

Where Do I Buy The XY4+?

It's important to afford unscrupulous sellers and fake copycat devices. If you want to buy a genuine XY4+, the only option is to go straight to the source and order from the official website.

These devices are top-rated so that they can sell out from time to time. Plus, with lots of regular sales and exclusive deals like the "BUY MORE, SAVE MORE" offer, it's highly likely we'll see the XY4+ sell out again very soon.

Order now and avoid missing out on this life-changing gadget.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros:

  • Never lose your valuables ever again
  • Easy to set-up through Bluetooth
  • Small, compact, colorful design
  • Super strong battery life
  • No hidden fees or subscription charges

and what about the cons:

  • The volume level might not please every user


Final Verdict

Once we started researching and testing this product, it was clear to see that it has a lot of benefits. With a range of up to 300 feet, it's so easy to find absolutely any item anywhere in your own home.

Plus, with the tracking features of the XY4+ app, you can easily find your devices by looking at their last known location, or using the Crowd GPS feature if all else fails. In short, the XY Find It offers a lot of options for keeping track of your valuables.

The XY4+ has a lot to offer, but there's still space for a few improvements in the future. We'd love to see an upgraded model that could be even more compact, precise, and louder, and the app could use a couple of enhancements too. Overall though, it's a fantastic device offering great value and a whole lot of plus points.

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